Monday, September 26, 2005

Instant Message

Stevescarb: morning
good rain, eh?

IMer YEs, and cooler! Hooray!
Rain is good

Stevescarb: do anything fun this weekend

IMer I couldn't believe how dry it was when I planted the rain lilies
Went hiking in N.C.
Up near Hot Springs

Stevescarb: I ate Thai food twice
must run today
: pants too tight

IMer At least it has veggies
Where the Thai?

Stevescarb: Creenville Sc

IMer got it
That place must really have changed since I interviewed for a job there in, oh, 1988
Was a nasty little mill town
Maybe not nasty

Stevescarb: It's really nice now

IMer I know. People speak of it in glopwing terms

Stevescarb: downtown has come a long way

IMer glowing

Stevescarb: glopwing seems good too

IMer Must get down there

Stevescarb: Annie got to see Joseph
Stevescarb: Happy wife

IMer Very good!

IMer The newspaper at the time was fukk of protectionist-type people

Stevescarb: I understand fukk

IMer Damn

IMer No caffeine yet

Stevescarb: Textiles went away and now they are just rabidly right wing
Stevescarb: much better?

Stevescarb: got a good counter insurgency going from the left

IMer My friend who has turned right wingy on me was in town, but we made excuses not to have Sunday brunch

Stevescarb: hard aintit?

IMer I can't understand how people with a brain can be that way. And she's in social services
Teaches them, head of her department at college
I attribute it to greed and fear
They can make you stupid

Stevescarb: Ok, here is why that is....The same human mechanism that fuels racism is at work. It is complex and simple at the same time.

IMer I'm listening

Stevescarb: Those driving the right know that these people are simply first order thinkers and that it requires second order to realize they are lying

Stevescarb: Intelligence is not just "smart" is meditation and the "On further review" part of thinking

Stevescarb: This is what is being killed by the Jody McClouds of this world

IMer Yeah, any time we do talk about something, instead of addressing my point, she diverts... such a classic right-wing thing

Stevescarb: That's why you can say horrible things about someone and get them to stick even when they aren't true

IMer Limbaughesque even

Stevescarb: of course

Stevescarb: that's wher the Ditto head term comes from...repeat without thinking

Stevescarb: It takes a personal courage to overcome and the majority of people are simply chickenshits

IMer yes. I hear her quoting Fox ... but damn -- I just thought she was smarter than that

Stevescarb: Smart and intelligent aren't the same

Stevescarb: it is like short term and long term planning

Stevescarb: one gets you through the gets you through gets you a good wife/partner/ gets you an STD

Stevescarb: America has the mental equivalent of an STD in its right wing

IMer Yup. It's just that this side of her has just emerged in the last four-five years and has gotten much worse. I guess it was always there

IMer She and I have been friends since college. I just never saw that in her before -- except maybe once

Stevescarb: It all changed when they destroyed the fairness doctrine in the media...When it went from one person, one one dollar, one vote...That screwed us

IMer Those have happened

IMer Money is back to being power

Stevescarb: Freedom of speech was never intended to be on the basis of how much air time you could buy

Stevescarb: If that doesn't get changed...we won't survive as a nation

IMer I agree.

So folks...Do you agree?

What cha gonna do about it?

Got Courage?


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