Thursday, September 29, 2005

What? His daughter got away?

Tom Delay's eye tuck looked really good on TV yesterday, don't you think?

Tom is a servant of corruption at the highest levels in this country and this indightment is just the start of his legal troubles. The really nasty stuff is going to hit the fan and be splattered all over America before the flies finish eating, and that would be Tom's playing Steppin' Fetchit for Bob Abramoff. Abramoff is the big time lobbyist whose partners get blown away when they are no longer useful and know too much. They would get whacked if they grew a conscience, too, but that seems highly unlikely.

I mean why feel bad about the destruction of everything great about America, as long as you come out the other end with shitloads of cash and pieces of real estate deals in lots of golf courses? And not only that...Well...don't get me started on all of Tom's fake charities he wants you to send money to...

Anyway, there's some great humor errupting from all of Tom's self inflicted troubles. The world loves it when a real creep finally gets the house brought down on his testicles...tiny though they may be.

First a couple of Texans:

Juanita's sharp tongue, or rather fingernails since she typed it, I guess:

"... the joke in Austin is that men usually don't have as many lawyers as Tom currently does unless they've killed their wives, have some strange guy living in their pool house, and plan on making a break for it in a Bronco."


And from Charles Pugsley Fincher:

(You'll have to go there...I couldn't get the upload to work)

the scribble

(Word has it that Tom has a little history chasing lewinskies but we'll leave it alone...)

And from Wonkette, the news that Tom's replacement is of the same sexual persuation as Ken Melman, Republican National Committee Chairman:
The House Majority Affinity Whose Name We Dare Not Speak
"OK people, you can stop forwarding the hectic emails announcing that "interim" House Majority Leader David Drier is a little light in the loafers. Its Wonkette HQ policy to refrain from the outing of allegedly gay Republicans, on the simple grounds that being gay and Republican is more than sufficient punishment for anyone we might be moved to excoriate on grounds of hypocrisy. What's more, how shocking is it that someone who might have an affinity for the less fair sex could be the adjutant for a man who formerly made his living by encouraging adolescent boys to don skintight leotards and roll around in each other's sweaty grasp until one of them was spent, breathless, and achy? Next you'll be telling us that George W. Bush employs former oil company executives". -- HOLLY MARTINS


It's all gonna be fun...except that it is so tragic that America could be in the hands of such corrupt people.



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