Friday, September 30, 2005

Senator Bill, Senator Bill...

That danged Biased Media is at it again, what with actually reporting something claiming Senator Frist is being investigated by the SEC for his miraculously timed sale of HCA stock a mere ten trading days before the stock took a nose dive because of a bad earnings report.

It's all bias, I tell you, just like Ann Coulter says.

Why Senator Bill has told them repeatedly that he didn't even know he had HCA stock in that blind trust. In January 2003, He told the liberally biased Associated Press,

"So as far as I know, I own no HCA stock."

See...the problem is not just the Press being Biased...It's the Facts, too!

Facts are Liberal...Can't be trusted!

It is a biased fact that Senator Bill was notified by his Trustee, just two weeks before he made that "truthful" statement about not owning any HCA stock, that in biased fact...he did.

Got told three times the year before, that he did....See how biased these danged facts are?

See...the way the Facts work, if you are a Republican, is that if a fact proves you're lying...well then it has to be biased.

Take this one for instance:

Senator Bill said, "It is illegal right now for me to know what the composition of those trusts are. So I have no idea."

Fact is, Senator Bill had just submitted his financial report to the senate indicating,

"Frist had a general knowledge of his trust holdings -- including HCA and several other health organizations."

Facts are liberal...Biased...Can't be trusted...When it comes down to who ya gonna believe, Senator Bill or the Facts....

And anyway, How would Senator Bill know about the bad earnings report in the first place, eh? I mean it's not like his Dad founded the company and his brother is a member of the Board of Directors...I mean who believes this stuff?

Facts are so biased...Can't be believed.

Just ask a Creationist! They have a ton of practice at this sort of thing. Facts cannot be trusted...




References for all these danged "Facts" can be found here:


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