Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Louisiana Gov was right

Hey, remember all those right wingers and republican hacks that made so much noise about Bush not being responsible because the Governor of LA never asked for Federal help?

They were all lying! Bush, Cheney, Rush, O'Reilly, Instapundit...all of them!

The nonpartisan Congressional Report:

In addition to finding that " would appear that the Governor did take the steps necessary to request emergency and major disaster declarations for the State of Louisiana in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina. (p.11)" The report found that:

All necessary conditions for federal relief were met on August 28. Pursuant to Section 502 of the Stafford Act, "[t]he declaration of an emergency by the President makes Federal emergency assistance available," and the President made such a declaration on August 28. The public record indicates that several additional days passed before such assistance was actually made available to the State;

President Bush actually followed through and made his part of the disaster declaration. it was the corrupt and disfunctional organization he has created that screwed everything up.

Other CEO's gets fired for this.

Mike Brown fell on his sword, and rightly so, but Chertoff is the actually the creep that waited two days before acting ...the critical two days in which old people sat in their wheel chairs and drowned in nursing homes in New Orleans as water ran through the broken levees.

Kos and Talking points Memo have the stories:



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