Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rain Lilly

I forget about these lillies. Then they pop up sometime in the fall, supposedly a week or so after a rain. We're in a drought right now, five inches behind in rainfall, but the rain lillies have popped up around the yard anyway.

I really like them for some reason. A wonderful harbringer of Fall.

This one is by the back porch.


  1. Wow! They're so much more spectacular than Texas rain lilies -- which are utterly beautiful but much more subdued. Here. Yours reminds me a bit of a saloon madam in the old West! More like spider lilies. Or even Diamond Lil!

  2. I think yours are native. The ones I have in the yard are definitely "come here's". I brought them from a rental house I wound up with. The lady that had lived there, Mrs. Meyers, loved flowers. Amazing things pop up out of the ground at various times of the year.