Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Interstate 3


Many of you know that I am involved with several do-gooder groups. The Chattooga Conservancy is one of my favorites. In addition to stopping the Forest Service and others from committing a few of the more heinous crimes against Mother Nature in the North Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina mountains, they are good people and friends of mine. With America's last few great wilderness places under constant assault, these people need all the help we can give them. They are doing our work for us. Currently they are getting the facts out on a possible boondogle and disaster in the making called Interstate 3.

Here's a snippet from Eric. I promise to do write more later:

Hey Steve.

I saw you in the Grapes and Beans the other day... Anyway, I just found your White's Creek blog from the referring url logs on my Conservancy site. I was wondering if you would post something about Interstate 3 on your blog. We have a general info page on it here:

Interstate 3

And I just set up a petition for veterans to sign. We're trying to argue the billions of dollars should be spent providing body armor for our dying troops who are stuck in an unnecessary war... not on an environmentally and economically destructive and unnecessary interstate. Here's the link:

Veteran's Petition

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