Tuesday, April 24, 2007


If Republicans weren't actually leading the charge to this Nation's armageddon, all their troubles would be funny.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is either the stupidest and most incompetent AG in the history of the United States, or the most corrupt.... I vote D, All of the Above... And all this for a few fake voter fraud charges timed to help republicans in an election cycle that they lost anyway.

The current crop of Republicans will soon have entered more "guilty" pleas than even the Reagan Administration, which up til now was the most convicted administration in American history.

And you thought Bill Clinton had a bimbo problem...Hey, At least he didn;t have to pay for it. Former Congressman Duke Cunningham brought in a boat load of prostitutes for republicans, maybe because they couldn't get it any other way. He paid a big price, though...got a little jail time.

Neocon poster boy, Paul Wolfowotz, has it figured out when it comes to paying your Mistress for sex...He used someone else's money.

What kind of sex is worth $200,000? We could ask Paul Wolfowittz. He's got woman troubles so bad that he hired Bill Clinton's Paula Jones Case Lawyer. Bad news for Wolfie...That guy blew the Supreme Court argument which resulted in allowing a sitting President to be sued in civil court. What's up with a Jew having a Muslim Mistress? Is this some kind of Massa thing? And come on, Wolfie, the $60,000.00 pay raise is incredibly transparent, don't you think?

So what kind of "JOB" is worth that kind of money? I don't have to spell it out, do I?

Heck, I don't think even Jeff Gannon made that much until he started getting paid for keeping his mouth shut. Oh wait...bad choice of words. he usually got paid for...well, I'm not going there. You can read it for yourself. But still...the big unanswered question in all the Republican sex scandals is "Who was Jeff Gannon, Gay male prostitue who spent 100 or so nights in George W Bush's White House....Who was Jeff Gannon on top of?" And why do his customers call him "Bulldog"?

Let's go, Fox News! This is your kinda news story. How about doing a "We report, You decide" on that one.




"After weeks of mock testimony, there you have it. Alberto Gonzales doesn't know
what happened, but he assures you, what he doesn't remember was handled
properly." --Jon Stewart

“Today on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales raised his right hand, swore to tell the truth, then everybody had a good laugh.” - Jay Leno

A new study says that heart disease is related to erectile dysfunction. No wonder Dick Cheney has been so grumpy all the time.- Jay Leno

Sunday is Earth Day, the day we reflect on how we are destroying the planet. Then we stop reflecting and fire up the Jetskis and go right back to destroying it.... Kimmel

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