Sunday, April 15, 2007

I got Tagged

By Randy as a Blog that makes you think. Honored, Sir Bubba, or South Knox Bubba, as he was formerly known. So the rules say I need to tag five more blogs of my own that make me think. Sort of like a chain blog.

Several that I would tag are gone or just idle... Bilmon, fafblog, Michael Berube. Come back fafnir, the planet needs you. Knoxviews is usually the first stop on my early morning orbit but that wouldbe a tag back and that's not allowed by the rules of the game.So here are my choices narrowed down to five in no particular order.

1. Mountain Laureate I'm probably doing this to force ML to post more, but it is for the greater good. An award winning journalist, and I mean a real one, ML has been through some life changes recently but this is now. ML should share more and I have elected myself the official pesterer.

2. Prairie Weather Like me, in the way of loving wild places so much that PW makes the sacrifice to live in a remote home. I look to PW to flag things I might otherwise miss on the national stage and convey them with a thoughtful observation that always enlightens.

3. Rationally Speaking Massimo married a canoeing friend of mine and is so smart that language has it's limits in conveying his thought, but since he speaks several of them fluently, it all works out. he not only makes me think...He makes me think I'm not as smart as I think...I think...

4. Instaputz You have to admire Instapundit in some weird ways. he's inspirational to say the least. But what he's inspired is A rather intelligently written blog devoted to pointing out the daily misleading statements of a blogging UT Law professor, usually by quoting the aforementioned professor while nailing him to the cross of self contradiction...and yes, Lies.

5. Kiss My Big Blue Butt I admit to having a soft spot for smart mouthed women. I've never seen a sharp wit as a bad thing and Texas girls of a certain type have an overload in that department. It goes well with a loud bousterous laugh. Every County government in America would be better having to answer to a home town version of the smart-ass woman who used to own the World's most dangerous beauty Salon. Ok, local bloggers, This is how it's done. Did I mention she's funny?



Quote of the day:

There's no shame in being served horseshit on a platter, Friends, but we
shouldn't be proud of going back for seconds.

And so it goes...

Form the smartest blogger I know:

I don't particularly want to be a media critic. I like media and I respect the
talent of most of those who do it professionally. I never wanted to be some
crank carping at the television set --- I'm interested in politics. But there
was simply no choice.

Since the 80's the right systematically set out to convert
the political press into their friendly collaborators even if they didn't know
it. They had lots of cash and knew how to show everyone a good time. And they
mau-mau'd them to death. It worked beautifully.And while they did that, they set
about creating an alternate media that could feed the wingnut base directly
while feeding the mainstream more discretely. It came into full bloom during the
late 90's and ushered in this presidency. And predictably, a nation softened up
by years of rightwing propaganda was ready to put him on a pedestal when the
country was attacked on 9/11 --- even though his actual performance at that time
was laughably inept. Iraq was the result. That was when the whole operation
jumped the shark.

Liberals of all stripes, bloggers and others, were by that
time unanimously appalled by the GOP, Fox, talk radio and the mainstream press
and began to fight back.

We shall see if we have the staying power to keep it


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! It's a mutual admiration society!