Friday, April 13, 2007

Say it ain't so, Debrah Jean...

Things to watch:

Karl Rove deleted email from the RNC server AFTER he was directed to save them by Special Prosecutor Fitzpatrick. Rove's salary is 100% paid for by the US taxpayer even though 95% of his email went through the RNC. This is connected with the Federal Prosecutor firing scandal in which Bush fired Prosecutors who refused to bring false charges of voter fraud against Democrats. Two of these convictions have been overturned already. Investigations against Republicans were dropped, even though they later had to be reinstated and at least two Republican congressmen are now in jail.

Neocon Iraq war architect and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Paul Wolfowitz was publicly booed at the World Bank by his employees, as he apologized for giving his girlfriend huge raises...illegally. They shouted for his resignation.

The Bush Administration is doing everything it can to keep this nice lady's customer list from becoming public. Several high level bushies are being implicated in really weird ways. The main architect of the iraq War used the madam's services but didn't engage in sex? That's the claim.

Too fun!



Today's must read:

How many facts are needed to destroy a false Beltway orthodoxy?

This is my question after reading this morning’s papers: How many cold,
hard facts are needed to kill tired Beltway orthodoxies? Or, now that we are in
the Age When Journalism Died, is it true that when an orthodoxy has enough money
and insider vanity behind it, it becomes immortal? Here are five orthodoxies
that jump out from just this week's news - orthodoxies that have little - if any
- relation to the facts. They elicit a simple question: Has our political debate
been hijacked by Washington power-worshipers and consequently divorced from the
"reality based" world?

David Sirota

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