Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Porky? That you?

George W hit Chattanooga a week or two back, right before the scandal about Presidential emails being served by COPTIX servers instead of Government computers. This is an interesting photo of Karl and George at lunch (at Porkers, no less). Several things jump out at us. Karl Rove's salary is 100% paid for by you and me. He spends 100% of his time on partisan political maneuvers, trying to keep his woefully inadequate boss in power. That folder under his arm is labeled COPTIX, the company serving the Republican Nation Party, the White House, and Bob Corker.

I have some questions.

1. What flag is Rove flying in his lapel?

2. What are all the medical personel doing standing around?

3. Why would someone whose nickname is either "turdblossom" of "Fired" eat at a place called "Porkers"?

4. Can we issue the subpoenas now?

The folder is from an Internet hosting company called Coptix. This proves without doubt that Karl Rove is illegally running all the White House e-mail through a private company instead of the White House government servers which belong to the American People. Anyway, everybody knew all that weeks or months ago, but now there’s a picture of Karl Rove holding a folder from a Chattanooga blogger.

Word is that W didn't get to eat much because he would jump up an run to shake hands with folks as they were leaving the restaurant. Is that a picture of a confident powerful man or one whose country has figured out that his acheivements are well below average? (Isn't "well below average" a nice way to say that?)

I have one more question, actually...

5. How did the other people in that restaurant keep down their lunch?



Update: The Photo is a fake. But nothing changes. It was faked by Coptix themselves, btw. We'll see where this goes. Fun part is that executive privilege can't protect anything on Coptix servers from Congressional subpoena.


  1. My question is, when will "Porkers" be serving blackberry-flavored pork BBQ? And will there be an IPO?

  2. Ah yes...Well, the answers are "Maybe" and " Maybe not any time soon."
    Although if too many more people send messages about my Nubian Pigs maybe I should consider one of those venture capital Scams, where you give me lots of money and I promise to spend it and maybe you make millions but no promises.

    It's amazing to see what you can do between that point in time where a glass of wine loosens you up and before the second glass ruins it all.

    Peace...and Go VOLS

    And Ok yes I did pull for Florida.

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