Monday, April 23, 2007


I was riding with a developer friend as we passed the massive gate behind which lay some of the more expensive houses in his development. He asked me what I thought about it. Of course he was asking if I liked the architecture and construction but you know me.

"I think these gated communities are a great place to keep all the republicans...When the Revolution comes we can just sit out here and pick 'em off as they try to get out."

He looked at me with a pained smile and wondered whether I was kidding for sure. Maybe I was wondering the same thing. I thought about this particular moment when I read a Knoxville republican's post in a global warming comment thread. Here's the quote he posted:

"In the long run, we are all dead."...John Maynard Keynes

I wonder if the greatest difference between ne and republicans is that they want their children to die with as much money as possible...And I don't want my children to die, period.




I'm really liking this school's online newspaper. When a college student can write a piece linking the demise of football, a religious fanatic, and the Vigil for the tragedy at Virginia Tech, I have to think the future of rational thinking and its eloquent expression is safer than I had believed.

So the students actually voted down the Alumni's plan to build a football program with a tax on student fees and the alumni are disgusted with the students?

Funny! And there's also the obligatory for a college rag "Give Pot a chance" story as well.

The future of academic life is strong...(Ha!)

The East Tennessean

Susan has a shot of Fred Thompson's wife showing off to Paul Wolfiwitz...and yeah, there's the snarky comment we've come to know and love.

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