Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday morning Bunting Blogging

The Grosbeaks are back. This one can't quite get the hang of the thistle feeder but at least he gave us a glimpse of his mating display colors.

Did you know that Indigo buntings eat cat food?

This was taken through the livingroom window just a few minutes ago. Ain't technology wonderful?

File this one under the "Camo not working" heading.


  1. The pictures of the birds are wonderful, and a great reminder that Spring returns and returns.

    However, what impresses me the most is that your living room window is clean enough to take a picture through.

  2. My mother-in-law is visiting. Nuff said.

    The goldfinch is sitting in one of the trees that got killed back in the cold snap we had last week. I wonder how this is affecting them? One thing I see is that birds that are normally canopy dwellers have had to move lower down to find green leaves to hunt insects around. All of the spring tree blossoms were killed and that has to be a problem for early nectar and pollen gatherers.