Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's Peanut Butter got to do With it?

One of my recurring themes is the failure of Conservatism. Nothing good has come of it except the destruction of fair play and the belief in inherent decency in America. 99% of Americans have suffered under the Conservative movement but at least gays can't get married and the government makes your medical decisions for you... there's a burden lifted off of all of us who can't afford to fly to Europe for our surgeries.

Our federal budget is a disaster and our peanut butter is no longer any safer than our spinach, but at least we got trapped into a war we can't win and oil prices are gone through the roof. The once noble Republican party is now held captive by weapons manufacturers, International Corporate mercenaries, and religious fanatics who put Jesus's name on old testament horrors, but at least our media can lie to us with impunity.

Our Constitution isn't worth the parchment it's written on, and our Justice department is so corrupt it would make a Soviet era Politboro boss proud, but we have a President who can stand on a dead city with perfect lighting for the best political effect.

Let's hear it for a newly discovered blog by a writer who says it far better than I:

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The Big Con



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