Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Day After

In the light of the ongoing tragedy of gun violence in America I have to step back from our recent tragedy, and ask why anyone feels compelled to take the life of total strangers as a way of satisfying some evilness within their own failed life? Where is our moral leader today who can righteously condemn this vile act? At this moment in American history I think we have no one to look toward.

Sometimes we look to our religious leaders but there is not one prominent religious American who calls for kindness in the spirit of Jesus or Buddha, instead we have backslid into the rabid self serving violence of old testament Moses embodied in a false christianity. The "Christian" guidance of Pat Robertson has led to his "Christian" Law school graduates being given high Justice Department positions for which they are not just unworthy but incapable. They are also corrupt, as we are seeing on a daily basis as one of them has taken the Fifth Amendment to hide her criminality. Our current crop of prominent religious leaders has failed America.

Sometimes we look to our political leaders, but there is not one American government official from the President down that has any right to claim the moral high ground. All of our national leaders are complicit in exactly the same kind of sensless killing we are currently grieving over, having stood on the ashes of the World Trade Towers and launched a brutal war and even more brutal occupation of a country that had nothing to do with it. Our President rejected diplomacy and turned to war. Over a half a million innocents have died. While he may have been a C student in college, he gets an F as the Commander in Chief. Why? Because he has no moral goal to his actions. Where is the real moral good that can come of our continued presence in Iraq? Where is our National morality? One thing is certain...It is not embodied in our political leadership.

What has happened is that America's national morality has been replaced with a false righteousness which has now produced horrifying results throughout our society on every level. America has no greater need at this moment than its moral leadership. It will not be found wearing a thousand dollar suit and pounding a podium in feigned outrage on tv. It will not be found in a Dobson, Sharpton, Falwell, Robertson, or Jackson holding up the symbol of someone else's maryrdom. Our moral leadership will also not be found in a political structure that serves corporations above humanity. it is time for us as a nation to say, of the Conservative revolution, "Well dang, that didn't work."

It is time for moral leadership and it will only be found in Humility. As we look to choose our next leader we must work hard to survive our current ones and, this time choose a humble servant who can give us true moral leadership.




In a similar bur less strident vein, there's this:

I hope that this country can return to the two party system of government as soon as possible. My proposal would be to eliminate the current Republican party and turn it over to the Democrats in toto. My disgust at Republicans is shared by a core group of morale American citizens who have decided to change their alleigence from Republican to American. Have they decided that they love the Democratic Party now? No, I don't think so. But they sure have come around to loving their country and being forced to act accordingly.

Here is one eloquent voice by a respected former Republican. I think it is a must read, particularly for conservatives.

"I say A pox on (Republicans) and their values," he wrote.

Former Republican Congressman ,and one time Presidential candidate, Pete McCloskey who tells us why he can no longer be a Republican.

The short version is that he loves his country too much.

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  1. Amen, Steve. And this is why I link to you.