Thursday, April 05, 2007

Profiles in Courage

These are the Democrats we've been looking for all this time!

The Secret Service pulled a gun on students, threatened them and stopped students at American University from making a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove. Rove showed up at American University Tuesday night to speak to the College Republican's Club, a secretive organization that allowed no Press, camera's, or recording devices at Rove's event. A Secert Service spokeswoman said that no SS agent came in contact with the protesters.

This is a bit of a problem for the Secret Service because the Student Newspaper has the pictures, and...

Four people said they saw a man dressed in plainclothes shove a protester, flash a gun and tell him, "I'm a fucking cop, I'm going to arrest you." Public Safety has confirmed that this man was with the Secret Service.
The funniest thing about all this was that the President of the Campus Democrats was there to make the arrest!

Matt Kent, a junior in the School of Public Affairs and president of the College Democrats, declared to the crowd that Rove is a federal criminal because he violated the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which was passed by Congress after Nixon's resignation to ensure that all White House written communication is open to the public. To comply with this legislation, officials must submit copies of letters to the Office of Records Management, including e-mails. Kent said Rove violated this act by setting up a separate e-mail server for the White House that was not open to public scrutiny. "As such, he is a criminal," Kent said. "He broke federal law..."

"The College Republicans tonight are hosting a fugitive of the law," Kent said. "We don't have the power of the law, but we have the power of citizen's arrest."
Here's the student newspaper account. It is a wonderfull balanced piece that should be a model for a Free Press.

And an account of the Bill O'Reilly distortions in the Media.

Even the Yahoo News report is false, claiming the Secret Service agents shown in the picture are "security guards and campus police"

Here's the picture.
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  1. :)

    Good kids.
    Though Rove really and truly deserves to be beat down like a rabid dog, this action was a good wave-maker.

    I salute these fine young people and encourage more of the same from all young Americans.