Monday, May 07, 2007

Can't tell the Players...

It's tough to keep up with all the Republican scandals going on. Newt gingrich has publicly called for Republicans to pretend like George Bush is dead and to act like the Justice Department's Prosecutor gate, the jack Abramoff scandal, the DC Madame, Dusty Foggo Duke Cunningham, scandal, the Tom Delay indictments, didn't happen and what are you talking about the Iraq war, Walter Reed hospital, Katrina, "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie" I don't know about any Katrina, why are you bringing up old news, Republicans are so damned crooked they can't walk a straight line between oxycontin and viagra doses, yeah, like that ever happens.

So anyway, just to get us a score card so we can keep track of which Republican is indicted, which Republican is investigated, which Republican is convicted, which Republican pleaded guilty, and which Republican is in jail, which Republican is on the DC madame's phone records but only for 90 minute perfectly legal $275.00 massages (yeah right) and because there are actually a few republicans who aren't on any of these lists, well so far...Ok, breathe...

So anyway, just so we can keep track of these people, Josh Marshall has an ongoing list, appropriately called "The Grand Ole Docket" which seems to get more names and scandals added every single day, and yes, it includes all the Democrats who are under investigation, there just aren't enough to notice by comparison.

I still have the same question about bribery...If a lawmaker accepts a bribe in return for voting a certain way...Why does the legislation remain on the books? I believe our laws would be significantly different if we struck all tainted legislation, and that America would be better for it.

And why isn't bribery punished as fiercely as treason? It's the same thing, isn't it?



One reminder...As diligent as the folks at TPM work, they are behind in posting corruption information. For instance: Alaska "Bridge to nowhere" Senator Ted Stevens' son is currently under investigation for bribery. A chip off the old block, it appears.

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