Friday, May 18, 2007

Election Fraud Math made Simple

Here it is, all bundled together with a ribbon on it. This is a great job of tying all the vote scams and stolen elections together with Bush's purge of the honest republicans in the Justice Department. It is worth noting that of the 93 Federal Prosecutors, all of whom were republicans appointed by Bush himself, he only tried to fire 23 of them and wound up firing 9.

See! There just weren't that many "honest" republicans in the first place.

In the previous 25 years, only 5 Federal Prosecutors failed to complete their 4 year terms and none, not one single person, had been removed for "political" reasons. Actually, these 9 weren't removed for political reasons, they were removed because they weren't corrupt! Bush fired them because they would NOT bring false charges against Bush's political enemies and pursued real investigations against actually corrupt Republicans.

Anyway, this is long but it's a great resource to hang on to.


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