Saturday, May 05, 2007

Un real Reality

"The fact remains that it would be easy to point our finger at the bankers and the financiers, Jewish or not, for the fact that our great nation can't compete in the market place with the Asiatics. And it would be easy to blame the liberal leftist, Jewish or not, for sacrificing our working people on the altar of
economic Bolshevism."

"We have been complacent, because we have been gullible, and we have been naive, we have allowed them to exercise their genetic need to dominate a Christian world. So don't blame the Jews for doing it. Blame it on yourselves for letting them."

Fred Thompson

Well, OK, Fred actually did say these words but they were from a tv show in 1988 when Reagan was President.

Was Fred typecast? Will this get shown on a tv commercial? will America confuse the plain dealing honest poitician and lawyer Fred plays on tv with the real Fred? Will they identify the racist, fascist, fearmonger Fred plays on tv with the real Fred? TV roles such as that may have helped him win the Senate in Tennessee, but I wonder about his chances in the rest of the country.

Remember that they killed Pee Wee Herman because the actor who portrayed him got caught kinking out in a porn movie house. There is a distinct inability for Americans to distinguish TV from reality. If Gore runs, will we see the Saturday night Live clip of him in a hot tub with Joe Lieberman? I'll bet you money!

If Fred Thompson runs, and his wife is pushing hard for her chance to be first bimbo (Hey..Republicans started this), I have to think we'll see a rerun of Fred's immortal words as he speaks at a fundraiser while holding his copy of Mein Kampf, personally autographed by Adolph Hitler :

"Open your mind and open up your hearts and open up your wallets and accept your birthright to a land of pure blood, pure spirit, pure belief and our divinely ordered superiority as a people."

Actually, that's not that different from the Republican platform right now today, is it? Fred was simply ahead of his time.



LA Times

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  1. Well done.

    I had never seen those quotes.
    And though I don't disagree entirely, I think blaming "Jews" for our economic woes is irrational at best. PNAC type Zionists, yes. Jews, no.
    Then again, Republicans are irrational at best.

    Fred is par for the course.

    Thanx for the info.