Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Conceptual Reality

I'm still repairing the yard after my septic system failure. I'm still repairing the basement as well. The basement is where most of the stuff went that was supposed to go in the septic tank.Thousands of dollars later it has occurred to me that outhouses were replaced as we became more modern and civilized, but I'm not completely sure why. I mean why is it a mark of civilization that we poop INSIDE our houses now?

Isn't there something deeply and fundamentally wrong with that? We spend truckloads of money getting crap out of the house that we could just walk a few pleasant yards and deposit things nicely where there would be no chance of it ruining the carpet in the basement should there be a malfunction. As a public service I will not release further details of any graphic sort and shift focus to a more esoteric discussion..

I've lived in several places with no plumbing and I kind of liked it. Parts of it anyway. A living style that requires us to walk out into our yard at various hours and several times a day isn't all bad. I've had wonderful encounters with the indiginous night life and then there was the stray cat that took up residence in a rather fancy johnny house behind the place where we lived in the South Carolina hills. He turned out to be mean enough to survive our yard dogs and sweet enough to give away to some folks who laughed at his story and named him Seemore Butts.

That house was interesting in that the hand dug well had an electric pump installed and we had hot and cold water for the kitchen sink which drained to the garden patch. It made us careful about what we poured into the sink. The house was also interesting in that it had originally been a chicken coop for a large family farm but had been renovated for the grandmother in her last years. It is a mark of the old South that the farm animals had better roofs than the children, so don't feel sorry for granny because she was sent to the chicken coop. I suspect it was a loving gift.

I joke with our firstborn about his start in this world., but he doesn't seem to think that we need to use it as a slogan should he ever run for office. While Abe LIncoln was born in a log cabin, The same panache doesn't ring out from being "Conceived in a chicken coop."



The "catfood eating bunting" turns out to be a Blue Grosbeak.

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  1. Jeff Dionne-Dickson11:47 AM

    As another former frequent out house user, I can attest to their fundamental efficiency...ya dump it, its dumped. But, having to make any kind of extended visit at 6:00 am on February 10 when it is 30 degrees below zero does point up certain advantages to indoor plumbing.