Friday, May 04, 2007


After the hard freeze killed back the spring foliage and blooms on our trees, everyone was wondering when we would actually see green again. We had the worst of situations, the freeze and a spring drought. not only are the trees stressed with frost damage but they got no "juice" to work with.

Normally we get a combination of springs drizzle, lasting for days, and spring storms lasting for a few minutes. This year we're missing the drizzle and the storms have been few and far between, but the ones we have gotten have been doozies. Last evening we got over an inch of rain in a few minutes. Unfortunaltely, I was driving home in the storm and couldn't really appreciate the light show and percussion that played back up to the water. Overnight we can now see green amongst the brown. It doesn't take Mom Nature long when she gets an opportunity.

I'm concerned about things though. Trees do a lot of things on many levels, to make our lives worth living, and they provide food for nearly everything in the forest. In the first rush of spring, they would normally provide pollen and nectar for a wide range of insects and the insects would be food for a wide range of bigger insects and birds, frogs, lizards, and so on, but this year I don't know what's going on up there in the tree tops. Later this year, the normal crop of nuts and berries will be nonexistant.

As a result, I predict bears in garbage cans all over the Southeast.

Next year, as a result of the missing acorn and hickory nut crop, there could be a missing bear cub crop. the food situation will be that dire in most areas of the freeze. I'm not sure how our authorities wil react to the roaming bear problem but I suspect a fair number of them ...bears, not authorities... will be killed. I hope not, but being prepared is not one of our strong points as far as local communities and their "Authorities" go.

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy our second spring. Let's hope summer takes its time getting here.



Looks like Grover Norquist was a friend/client of Debrah Jean Palfrey's, of the D.C. Madame scandal. Why is it that people like Mr. Norquist, chief economist for Bush, can't get laid on his own? He apparently is not content with just screwing our entire Nation and needs the services of prostitutes as well.

Not a day passes, now, without some new corruption coming to light in the Bush Administration. the worst one of all is the Justice Department scandal. When Justice is corrupt, who will prosecute the criminals? Albert Gonzales and his minions seem to be willing to persecute Debrah Jean but not the lobbyists who used her services to bribe Congressmen.

Hang on, though...This one is just getting started.

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