Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Famous Actor for President

I think it's funny that republicans are trying to run Fred Thompson for president.

Fred is a competent character actor and a slightly less competent lawyer. Other than that, his credentials for the presidency can be summed up by the old line, "He's played one on TV."

I also note that Fred lists "Visiting Fellow" as one of the jobs he has held. He's talking about delivering his lines for the American Enterprise Institute which is a right winger's right wing talking point generator. Fred has also by his own admission, been a "visiting fellow" in another way. Says Fred, "I've chased a lot of women and a lot of women have chased me...And it's fair to say, if they chased me...they caught me."

Visiting Fellow, indeed. Fred apparently had a shotgun wedding at seventeen, but he did stay married for 25 years to the dear girl who worked to put Fred through Vanderbilt. I suppose that marriage couldn't survive his work as a visiting fellow, in spite of the three children involved.

Fred has a new wife and two new children. He's been a busy boy.

What got me going on old Fred is his acting career. Republicans have the tendency to elect second rate actors to important jobs. Their biggest hero was an actor. Ronald Reagan was best known for his movie death as the Gipper and playing second banana to a monkey. As President, Reagan was the figurehead for the most indicted Presidential administration in history up until right about now. On TV he was the announcer for "Death Valley Days." History now shows us "Death Valley Days" was also the role he played for America when he was supposed to be president.

I'm tired of incompetent figureheads who sell out my country so they and their friends can just get filthy richer.

So Fred Thompson is another second banana actor the republicans want to be president. I think that if they like actors so much, they ought to at least go for a leading man... maybe one with an Oscar?

Let me think...Hmmm...A man who played the leading role in an Oscar winning movie who has the qualifications to be President"

Hey, That would be...

Al Gore!

And by the time the election rolls around, Gore might have a Nobel Prize to go with the Oscar.

I think it's time to elect a real President, and not just someone who plays one on TV.



1 comment:

  1. Thompson, LOL

    I learned all I needed to about Freddy when he did all he could to help the PNAC traitor, Scooter Libby, get off the hook.

    Thompson is no different from any other Repig, he puts party loyalty before what's true and right.
    This circus doesn't need any more clowns.