Friday, May 11, 2007

Rude, Rdy-er, Rudy-est

Talking Points Memo has the story but Wonkette says it so much better:

"After getting the contribution from Iowa farmers Deb and Jerry
VonSprecken, Rudy’s campaign asked the VonSpreckens to host a fundraiser at
their house. They happily agreed and spent every spare moment getting the place
ready for the big event with Rudy and a hundred wealthy contributors.

But then the campaign found out the VonSpreckens are just working
farmers and don’t have a million dollars. See, Rudy’s campaigning to the very
wealthy in Iowa on abolition of the millionaire’s death tax, so he can’t be seen
with any goddamned poor people or his commitment to the ultra-rich will be

Rudy Campaign Reportedly Snubs Farmer For Not Being Rich [TPM]

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