Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Debrah Jean... Call Talon News

Here's a good overview of the DC Madam's operation. It's truthful and somewhat graphic without going overboard, but be forewarned. Andrew Tobius claims he just used PM for massages. Well maybe he did, but as you will see, the legality of a massage depends on what part of the body is getting the rub down, and that's as clean as I can say it.

Here you go:


Now let me say this...WhitesCreek's number is not, never has been, and as far as I can possibly forsee, will never ever be, in the phone log of any service like the one that Debrah Jean Palfrey was running. Having said that, I have mixed thoughts on prostitution and whether it should be legal or not.

One one hand I think that what ever freely consenting adults decide to do with each other, whether it is for a good meal and a movie or cash, is none of anyone else's business. The other hand thinks there is way too much opportunity for abuse. I get all circular in my reasoning and have no conclusion to share.

AS far as the Washington scandal is concerned I do have one question...Why is Debrah Jean Palfrey being investigated and charged for running a high class call girl operation but Jim Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon male prostitute who spent 100 nights in the White House, skating free?

Just askin'



  1. Thanks for the link -- I had to follow when I saw the name of the blog. I'm from Antioch (SE Nashville) TN and spent many summers in or near the Whites Creek area -- loved how evening seemed to come very early if you were down in one of the deep hollows between the thickly wooded hills up there.

    About your own entry -- you make a very, very good point about Gannon/Guckert. I'd like to know the answer to that, myself.

  2. There are several White and Whites Creeks but I live on the one in Cumberland, Rhea and Roane Counties. I managed to pick up several miles of it so if you ever want to come visit, the creek is open to hikers and paddlers. Have fun and be nice.

    I have found Whites Creek to have two moods...Beautiful and Beautifuller.