Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Linguistics explained

Paul Wolfiwitz thinks the World Bank is hypocritical for asking him to resign just for giving his girlfriend $200,000 a year in their money for sex. Pray tell, dear mr. Wolfiwitz, what exactly does the World Bank do that makes you feel so righteous in your own personal corruption?

Ok, Funniest quote yet from Wolfie:

Paul D. Wolfowitz defended himself vigorously on Monday, declaring that it would
be “unjust and frankly hypocritical” for the World Bank’s board to find him guilty of ethical lapses. ...

NY Times

I think what Wolfi is trying to say is that the World Bank is mostly a bunch of blod sucking leeches and how dare they call him a fungus for merely trying to get his girlfriend paid with their money instead of his own.

For the arithmetically impaired (which really means "disinterested" because it ain't that hard) let me put a $200,000 salary in perspective. At PamelaMartin.com Wolfi would have had to pay $275 a visit for whatever it was that his girlfriend was providing for him in the way of "Legal Massages" yeah right. That means that Wolfi could have had 727 nice little 90 minute massages for the same money but he would have had to pay for it himself and it may have been easy for a Jew to get a girl who "spoke greek" or could he have gotten one that "Spoke arabic" like his girlfriend does...whatever that means?

So Wolfi could have been visited twice a day, every day, all year for the World Bank's $200,000 and it could have been a different girl with a minimum education of 4 years of college plus a Masters Degree. That Pamela runs a quality line of Ho's, I mean Massage Therapists, if I do say so.

(And I might if you push me.)

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