Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here's How...

The Worst President in American history got re-elected..Here's how...

Break the Law and help steal the election for Bush and get appointed to a nice US Attorney's position in Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas.

So Bush starts a war by lying to America, but our troops go to Iraq anyway.

A fair percentage of those troops are minorities who tend to vote Democratic.

Republican operatives send letters to the home addresses of troops who are stationed in Iraq at the moment.

The letters are "returned" of course, since the recipient is off in another country serving their country.

Republicans demand that the recipient be removed from voter lists because thier address is incorrect, thereby "caging" 70,000 votes in Florida alone and roughly one million votes overall. Had these people been allowed to cast their votes, George W. Bush would have won Ohio and some other states by too many votes for Republicans to steal.

This theft of the 2004 election for George W. Bush was orchistrated by Timothy Griffin, former aide to Karl Rove and now US Attorney for Arkansas. The methods he used are plainly illegal under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Mr. Griffin should be in jail.

Mr. Rove should be in jail.

Mr. Bush should be impeached.

The plan to keep these guys in office in spite of clear criminality?

"Gum it to death!"

All of this has come to light as a result of Karl Rove's emails being subpoenaed. Where is our "Liberal" Media?

Why aren't we as a nation outraged? Nobody knows this crime was committed. Griffin brags about it being kept out of the news.

Our Media are traitors to the Constitution. We have a President who stole his election and appointed a criminal to the position of US Attorney General.

Yesterday the band played "God save the Queen" at the White House...They should have played...

"God save America", because there is no justice in America's Justice Department.



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