Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Photos From My Hike

I think lots of folks see Walden Ridge from the TN Valley and realize it is the eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau and think the plateau is flat across until it falls off the western side down to Nashville. It would be called Walden "Cliff" if that were so. It is very cliff like on the eastern side but is eroded off into a series of valleys on the western side. Some of these shots are taken at the very top so you can see the drop off on either side. It's the closest I can come, short of hiring a helicopter and pilot, which I am thinking about doing...Seriously! The creek is Laurel Creek which is the last big tributary to Whites Creek on the Rhea County (southern) side before it flows into Watts Bar Lake. All of these were taken on the western slope of Walden Ridge up to the top.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whites Creek Global Headquarters As Seen From Yonder Mountain

Took a bit of a hike today up to the top of the mountain in yesterday's photo. My fancy Nikon lens was sent back to the factory under warranty so I took these with my wife's little outdoor Pentax.

View From the Top 11-18-2013

This is one of those panorama shots with the new Pentax outdoor camera. Roane County is on the near side of Whites Creek and Rhea is the far side of the gorge. The view goes from due East to Southwest. Due South is directly across the peak of the dead tree and the mountain just right of center. There is a bald eagle flying around in the deep gorge but you'll have to trust me that it's there. I can't find it either.