Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time to drive a stake in its Heart...If it had one

The Tennessee Senate race is headed to the finish line with a huge last week in store. It looks to get even nastier from the Republican side, with their trolls spouting everything from

"Bob Corker single handedly built Chattanooga" (and pretty much all on his own land as Mayor), to "He never said stay the course and the debacle in Iraq is Clinton's fault anyway."

One thing I have thought about is that if you are tired of hearing the Republicans blaming everything bad on Bill Clinton, you just wait a few years and you'll hear Republicans AND Democrats blaming everyting bad...

on George W. Bush.

And that is the single most obvious reason to vote for Harold Ford Jr.

If the Republicans hold on to power in Congress,
Say goodbye to Social Security.
Say Goodbye to fiscal responsibility,
say goodbye to the environment,
Say goodbye to every General who has a clue about the war in Iraq,
say goodbye to what's left of the National Guard,
say goodbye to just about everything except the very very rich making more and more money and paying less and less taxes, and more conservative mean spirited blather.

Nasty folks, those conservatives.

You and I on the other hand, will be essentially screwed.

I'm optimistic that the American people are a little bit smarter than Karl Rove thinks, even if he does have Osama's head in a cooler ready to be held high on a stick before next Tuesday. I think America is tired of Republican leadership. Newspaper after Newspaper has come forward and endorsed the Democrat in race after race for a number of reasons which all boil down to...

"We endorse the candidate who is NOT the Republican!"




"I'd like to welcome President Clinton," he told the cheering crowd. "And I see she's brought her husband."
...Mick Jagger at President Bill Clinton's 60th birthday party.

This would have made the headlines in the mainstream media during the Clinton years:

Monday, October 30, 2006


We just finished going through the old pictures for the baby page for this guys High School Senior annual...Blink your eyes and take a few naps and they grow up into this...

Sound and the Fury

Saw Nancy Griffith at the Bijou last night in Knoxville. They never did get the sound quite right but she was wonderful as always.

In addition to great music, she took time as she usually does to talk about things like singing at Ann Richards funeral, and how tough that was. They were friends, and as she spoke of Ann, Nancy clouded up, got silent for a second and came out swinging at Bob Corker for running ads that shamed the state of Tennessee for all to see.

The crowd went wild cheering.

She sang her song, finally, after she got her sniffles under control and when it was over and the applause died out, it was quiet...Then a voice from the balcony, doing a passable imitation, "I'm Bob Corker, and I approve this Concert."

I don't know how much they spent on refurbishing the Bijou, but they must have done a good bit of work on the structural integrity because that was the loudest laughter... it had to shake the foundations of that old place.

Nancy Griffith is a Music Row Democrat and they have put out their own ad about Harold Ford Jr.


It's Holloween and time for scary stories...

Try this one:

From the hustings and the airwaves this campaign season, America's political class can be heard debating Capitol Hill sex scandals, the wisdom of the war in Iraq and which party is tougher on terror. Democrats and Republicans talk of cutting taxes to make life easier for the American people.

What they don't talk about is a dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows, or at least should. The vast majority of economists and budget analysts agree: The ship of state is on a disastrous course, and will founder on the reefs of economic disaster if nothing is done to correct it.

"We the people have to rise up to make sure things get changed."

Now that's scary.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Morning Becomes Hickory

The Shagbark Hickory in the back yard...

"One for you nineteen for me"

The IRS is currently acting to take a Liberal Presberterian Church's tax exempt status for issuing a political statement. I think they are after the wrong organization.

Jerry Falwell runs a $200 million a year scam cloaked as a church. He has a message to his underlings...

"Ministers, tell your parishoners to vote republican."

In an email to his flock, Falwell rants about gays and Hillary, and "our values"...In the middle of his message there are embedded advertisements telling people to buy the new DVD on "How I converted from Islam to Christianity" and later on there's one about earning that degree you always wanted form Liberty University. Liberty University is Jerry Falwells own institute of higher indoctrination. You pay Jerry to go there.

Hey, this is America and you got the right to be stupid if you want to, but you don't have the right to ask me to pay your taxes for you. Here's a quote that would normally get an 501 3c headed straight onto the tax rolls.

Daily media stories are full of doom and gloom for Republicans. If we are to believe these election accounts, the GOP is in an out-of-control downward spiral that cannot be fixed before the November 7 elections.

I don’t claim to be an election authority, but I’ve been around a long time and I have learned that the polls and the pundits aren’t always right And I think the pollsters may be off target in terms of this election.

My primary reason for believing this is based in my relationship with the so-called "religious right," or the old Moral Majority.

I don’t believe the polls accurately depict the preparedness of the conservative Christian community to vote.

And then there's this litle jewel that should drive the last nail in the coffin:

Let’s get out and vote. In the seven states where there are marriage protection amendments on the ballots—Arizona, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin—I urge Christians to make their voices heard.

Pastors, this Sunday, encourage all of your parishioners to be at the polls on November 7 to accomplish their Christian responsibility. Let’s prove that the "religious right" continues to be a very significant voting bloc.

I think Falwell has a subtext to his message....

"Even though Bush and Rove think we are crazy nut jobs, we must elect republicans, because if they lose...the IRS will take away our non profit tax status. "

Just another fine reason to vote Democrat!



Thursday, October 26, 2006

Support our Troops!...Vote Democrat!

In the Tennessee Senate race several interesting things have come to light.

Of course I know about the racist ad by the Republican candidate Bob KKKorker but that's not what I'm talking about (and No! that was not KKKorker's daughter in that ad asking Harold Ford to "Call me"...Her My Space ad shows her frenching another girl anyway)

The interesting thing is the hollowness of Republcan talking points. Republicans simply don't do any of the things they claim they do...All Republicans are actually good at is making ads and sounding tough on TV. Take those bumper stickers that say "I Support George Bush and our Troops"...Yep, that's an oxymoron, contradiction in terms, or whatever you want to call it. You can't support Republicans and our troops at the same time.

Not just because the Bush Administration lied and continues to lie about the war ( all the while taking us down a disasterous foreign policy course...can you say North Korea?) but because they actually don't give a flying flip about our troops! These brave Americans are dying for George Bush. Two more Tennessee men just died. They will be shipped home in a flag draped coffin inside the cargo hold of an airplane and republicans have made it a criminal act to take a picture of the final military honor of a dead soldier coming home. This may be because Americans would be outraged if they saw pictures of these dead warriors being shoved around by fork lifts like just another pallet load of freight.

No you can't support our troops and vote Republican at the same time for the simple reason that Republicans DON'T Support Our Troops!

In an evaluation of Senate voting records since 2001 Republicans have consistantly been second to Democrats. Not one single Republican beat one single Democrat in evaluations by a veteran's group.

Legislative proposals included veterans' benefits, healthcare, and medical research dedicated towards injured soldiers (head injuries, etc.) Based on these votes, IAVA calculated which senators and congressmen had a history of supporting the troops, and which didn't, and graded them on a curve.

The Report

Lamar Alexander got a D rating...Bill Frist?...Even worse than Lamar but he still managed to squeak out a D...Senator John McCain? Worse than either of our fine examples of Republican virtue.

So here's the truth: If you care about American Troops... I mean really care about what happens to the people who serve their country and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for you and me...You have no choice.

You have to vote for the Democrat!



Best quote this week comes from a Chattanooga policeman:

"You know what I hate most about Bob Corker is the fact that he is making me vote for a Democrat!"

The Police and Firemen from Corker's own town have endorsed Harold Ford...Think about that!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog Report from Knoxville

AS the Republicans prepare to cut and run, you may notice that the Republican frame of cut and run has cut and run...Yesterday we heard the general say that we may cut and run or may not cut and run in 12 to 18 months...

Iraq is a disaster, the deaths of over 3000 Americans, and 3000 life altering head injuries to Americans, and seriously wounding of 20,000 Americans lay the ground work for the Republicans to CUT AND RUN...Unless you're George Bush and Bob Corker, who never said Stay the Course...

Who votes for these creeps? A lot of fooled people who won't vote for them again, apparently.

Knoxviews.com is a community blog for East TN although it is certainly Knox-centric since it is hosted by South Knox Bubba, whose stage name is Randy Neal. I post there a good bit. Randy is a fine photog as these shots of the Harold Ford and Jimmy Duncan events.

On other matters, if anyone still had the slightest question about Rush Limbaugh being a complete piece of slime, his comment that Michael J. Fox was faking his Parkinson's Disease for the camera should dispell any lingering doubts. How can a man who admits to all sorts of criminal behavior, drug abuse, and seems proud of his viagra fueled visits to Dominican Republic sex shops, have the gall to attack Michael J. Fox?

Don Imus just called Rush a sonofabitch drug addict and chicken crap for making his maid buy drugs for him. They played the tape of Rush jerking around and making fun of Fox.

What a creep...

Rush owes his career and fortune to serving the Republican slime machine and it is time for him to shut up and slink off down the rat hole in the cesspool he inhabits.



"Elections are only a few weeks away and it looks like the Republicans are going to lose a lot of them. I guess desperate times require desperate measures. [on screen: RNC's TV ad depicting another terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden, followed by a reminder to vote 11/7].

Let me get this straight. Osama bin Laden is threatening to attack America again, so what we should do is vote for the people who haven't been able to catch him for the last five years?." --Jimmy Kimmel

"In Las Vegas, a 32-year-old mother told police that Republican Congressman Jim Gibbons, who is running for governor in Nevada, got drunk, put his hand on her thigh, complained about his marriage and then tried to have sex with her in the parking garage.

A congressman trying to have sex with an adult woman? This is the best news Republicans have had in years." --

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Electing Republicans...Bad Idea!

Republicans are Hell bent to destroy Social Security.

Actually, they say they want to "Save" Social Security...But we all know that will work the way they "Saved" Iraq"...

In an interview with Marisa Bartiromo of MSNBC, President George Bush said that the privitization of Social Securiy will be back on the Republican agenda. That will essentially destroy Social Security, the most successful government program in the history of America.

From AARP:

A new AARP survey finds that boomer+ voters (age 42 and older) are strongly opposed to using Social Security taxes to fund private accounts. More than seven in ten of those polled (72 percent) said they oppose private accounts. Less than one in six (16 percent) of those polled said they support such accounts.

Oddly, the only attack ads about this so far are by Republicans who mischaracterize what the AARP has said. When will this issue go front and center? If Republicans keep control, they'll do everything they can to take the money and give it to their friends.

Currently, Your social security assets are held in the form of Treasury certificates, not cash. George Bush spent your cash on his war, and now, he's borrowing over $6000 a second to fight the war in Iraq. (Well over half a million of your tax dollars in the time it will take for you to read this rant)

And why do Republicans hate Social Security so much?

Republicans just can't stand seeing a pile of money they can't steal.



Monday, October 23, 2006

Pulling up to the house

You ain't nothing but..

And the night was long and dark and the people were of despair...but Now...

There is an animal rising up in our country and it's upset, disappointed, and feeling betrayed.

It's masters led it astray with promises of security and prosperity. It was told that it's family would be safer with war and happier with hatred and that the philosophy of Jesus just won't work in today's world. You can't run a world the way Jesus preached, the masters said. It's wrong to care about other people and it is wrong to disagree with us, your masters.

But the Masters were corrupt, and had predators in their ranks of one sort or another, and it did not matter that the predators were actually weak and immoral, for though the Masters knew of this evil, the masters needed the numbers of the evil ones to appear strong. For Without the predators and the other evil ones, the masters were too few in numbers to control the people.

And they heard the masters lie about war, about weapons that were terrible and frightening, but then there were no weapons. And they heard the Masters tell of prosperity and joy, but only the masters were getting rich, and then richer. And they heard the Masters say that secret prisons were good for safety, and that secret trials were good for safety, and that secret evidence was good for safety, but they people began to wonder if the only safety these things were good for was the safety of the masters.

And they heard about the secret software in the machines that would tell them who they wanted to govern them and how secrets were good if they were the masters secrets, but very bad if they were the secrets of others, so the masters must listen to your phone calls and know about the books you read because it is for the safety of the Masters, you see...And the Masters must be safe so that they can control the people...for their safety.

But the people began to be troubled by these secrets...And an election may have been stolen with these secrets but no one can be sure...And a war was begun and built upon lies but the true reasons for war became secrets...And the courts became secret, and the jails became secret, and the evidence against the prisoners became secret, and then there were secret workings of the great corporations who give vast amounts of money to the masters so that they could utter bad things about those who opposed them and the great corporations of the media would repeat those bad things but not the bad things about the masters...For the Masters also served the great media corporations and made them rich beyond imagination.

But the masters were arrogant in their own greed and pretended to clear brush and ride bicycles and be strong, but the warriors of the country were dying. The masters chose wrongly about a war they could not run.. and more warriors died. And our Nation became a debtor to China and Japan and Saudi Arabia (motherland of Osama) and debt, in unimagined quantities of money, was foisted upon generations. The masters borrowed and borrowed and gave the borrowed money to the great corporations and those who had much already but not the most of the people, for they would work harder for less and less, and the masters would prosper.

And the Masters were corrupt in their ways serving only themselves...But the master's corruptness shall become known except to those who do not wish to know and choose blindness.

To the others...Those who will let the scales fall from their eyes, there will come anger and retribution. It will come on November 7th, 2006.

And a new beast will arise and join with the others of the people...their numbers shall leave from the Masters and shall become our numbers and light will be shown upon the Masters as dawn upon the vampire, and the hound of the dawn shall make a mighty noise at the new day...And this Hound of the new day shall be called, Blue Dog Republican, and shall vote for the Democrat. In this way will the Masters shall be removed as the vampire becomes as ash.

Can I get an Amen, Brothers and Sisters?

WE must love the Blue Dog Republicans as if they were our own. For through them will shine the light of the new day.



Sunday, October 22, 2006

Picture of Failure

Republican ads are hopeless, but then that figures. The one thing they can't put in them is anything about the job they've done since 2001.

"9-11" changed everything" is all they've told us. apparently it gave George Bush and all those who support him free license to destroy America's Constitution at home and America's credibility on the World stage.

With early voting started and Election Day 2006 about two weeks away, we see pictures of Osama. Elect Democrats and the Boogieman gonna get you!


George done killed more people than the Boggieman ever dreamed of...And if ever there was a picture of failure...it is that republicans have been in charge of absolutely everything since 2001 when Osama attacked and they still even HAVE a picture of Osama Bin Laden to wave around!

They haven't caught Osama...Do you think they've been holding him in secret and will pretend to "catch" him like they did Saddam?

(Word on the street has always been that the Kurds caught Saddam and staked him out so we could "Find" him)

So, children, everytime you see a picture of Osama...remember that it is a picture of failure.

At this point in this war, nearly all of us know someone who has been killed or wounded in Iraq. They were good kids... Idealistic kids...Sent into a stupid war by arrogant people who can't see the enemy in the mirror.



...And finally, new rule in two parts: (A) You can't call yourself a think tank if all your ideas are stupid; and (B) If you're someone from one of these think tanks that dreamed up the Iraq War and who predicted that we'd be greeted as liberators, and that we wouldn't need a lot of troops, and that Iraqi oil would pay for the war, that the WMD's would be found, that the looting wasn't problematic, that the mission was accomplished, that the insurgency was in its last throes, that things would get better after the people voted, after the government was formed, after we got Saddam, after we got his kids, after we got Zarqawi, and that whole bloody mess wouldn't turn into a civil war, you have to stop making predictions.

Bill Maher

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Funnies

For what it's worth...Harold Ford Jr. is not a great date because he can't ski all that well and he keeps checking in with his office doing his job. GOP hit men were dissappointed because his date was attractive, intelligent, and over 21.

She also thinks Keith Olbermann has way too high an opinion of Republicans.

"Do you believe how self-destructive this Congress has become? This upcoming election is not an election, it's an intervention." --Jay Leno

And now for something completely different, which should offend nearly everyone except those who get it...Ok... they'll probably be offended as well....Caution...Requires sense of satire.

"This weekend Ohio Republican Bob Ney plead guilty to Abramoff-related bribery and corruption charges. Congressman Ney's district encompasses -- this is true -- most of Licking County, Ohio. Which early odds have it will also be the nickname of his jail cell. Ney asked for leniency in sentencing because he says he has a drinking problem. If you're keeping score at home, that now makes alcohol responsible for corruption, anti-semitism, and homosexual pedophilia." --Jon Stewart

"The president had a press conference about this this week and he said that the U.S. has no plans to attack North Korea. And then he added, 'Like having no plan ever stopped me before.'.Bill Maher

"An hour-long cartoon about the life of the pope has been produced by the Vatican. When asked why the Catholic Church would make a cartoon, the Vatican said it's the best way to reach its target audience -- adolescent boys." --Jay Leno



Friday, October 20, 2006

The Question?

We've been worried about our young Iraqi woman who blogs as Riverbend from inside Iraq. She has been a source for truth during this embarrassment of a war mess for America and a tragedy of biblical proportions for her own country. When she failed to post for several months, several of us were worried that she had become one of the numbers hidden from us by the Bush administration until the Lancet study was published. My joy at finding she's still with us is mitigated by the shame I feel at what my country has done to her life.

But she is alive and she does have the courage to ask a question that we have not the courage to pursue in our own country:

"...getting reliable numbers from the Ministry of Health or any other official Iraqi institution, that's about as probable as getting a coherent, grammatically correct sentence from George Bush...

...The latest horror is the study published in the Lancet Journal concluding that over 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since the war. Reading about it left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it sounded like a reasonable figure. It wasn't at all surprising. On the other hand, I so wanted it to be wrong. But... who to believe? Who to believe....? American politicians... or highly reputable scientists using a reliable scientific survey technique? ...

Everyone knows the 'official numbers' about Iraqi deaths as a direct result of the war and occupation are far less than reality (yes- even you war hawks know this, in your minuscule heart of hearts). This latest report is probably closer to the truth than anything that's been published yet. And what about American military deaths? When will someone do a study on the actual number of those? If the Bush administration is lying so vehemently about the number of dead Iraqis, one can only imagine the extent of lying about dead Americans… "

River Bend

Why is it against the law for us to even take a picture of a flag covered casket? Why do we stand for this? Why did we allow George Bush to sign a law allowing him to take over our state militias? How many of our children have died?

How many more will we sacrifice to the alter of cowardice that is the main pillar of support for the Republican Party?



Thursday, October 19, 2006

I've been thinking again.

I realize that some of you hit the delete key as soon as you read that. I have been trying to define the difference between Republicans and Democrats. I mean we all know that if you watch a group of Dems you'll see that they aren't in step and march to different drummers even within their own groups. At the Harold Ford gathering last Monday one of the striking aspects of the crowd was being able to see a man in a thousand dollar suit chatting with a man in overalls. At the one Republican event I went to this year, I saw men in thousand dollar suits talking to men in fifteen hundred dollar suits and there wasn't a plastic watch in the room...No overalls...even the Mayor of Kingston who actually wears overalls had on an expensive suit. He knows he'd better stay in line.

And that's the difference. Republicans bend over and hand the Bush administration every thing they want... Democrats don't.

The Republican party cannot manage our country. They've not done well on the economy except for the very very rich people who are funding the Republican re-election campaign. or much of anything...But they are all in step, marching eye's right, legs straight out, goose stepping proudly.

They've not done well on the environment, health care, public schools, college costs,

Republicans have totally screwed us on the war against terror. There was a terrorist tumor in Afghanistan and they botched the operation. Instead of cutting it out, they opened up the patient, hacked up a bunch of internal organs, and left the tumor alone so it could metasticize to Pakistan. They did everything except take in a feed bag full of oats for Osama's horse. After that, the Republicans went to another country and hacked off the wrong leg to help it walk better.

And the Republican President spent trillions doing this...and put it on YOUR credit card!

And the Republican legislators let him do it...and then they hid the credit card statement from you.

So it really boils down to this:

Republican means all about ME...And Democrat means US.

The Democrats are far from perfect and I don't see that leader we all hope for yet emerging from our long night, peering over the horizon to signal the new day...But Democrats aren't Republicans and that is more than enough for step one in saving our country.

Republicans offer us nothing that will stop the lawlessness of the Bush Administration. They are beyond hope and deserve nothing from us. They are rich enough, and frankly, if the Democrats don't re take power very soon, there will be nothing left for Republicans to steal.

In order to save the Republican's asses, this country must vote the Democrats into power this time around. The path for America is through the Blue door.



And hide the true numbers of dead and injured Americans from you.

I have a link to the Rude Pundit at my blogsite but I don't often tell you to go there. I figure you are old enough to make your own decisions, even those of you who are republicans and have thereby demonstrated that you don't make very thoughtful decisions...You're still old enough.

Rude has come up with a simple test that lets you determinie where you stand on the Iraq war:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yeah, I love to watch my kids play soccer. This was Thomas, my youngest,just before the game in which the Knoxville Impact Under 18 Boys won the Central Premier League. This is a high level league in which the State champions from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabam, and Tennessee play each other. The winner goes to the Regional Championships in Oklahoma next June.

When the new National rankings come out, The Impact should move into the top 25 teams in the nation, since they are undefeated this season and have beaten two top thirty teams already this year. Thomas is the Starting Midfielder, for those of you who know what that means.

This is from the next morning's game and shows Thomas watching Tyler get hammered while trying to win the ball in the air. Minutes later Thomas scored the game's first goal on the way to dominating the Alabama team 6-1.

Sorry we Screwed up...Screw you anyway

Vote Early... or else!

Almost no American media outlet has covered the story of British Citizens being wrongly imprisoned and tortured in Guantanamo, forced to sign confessions they did not make for crimes they did not commit. Finally, at the urginf of the British Government, these innocent men were released. But...As a condition of their release, they had to forfit their passports so that they could not travel to the United States and testify before Congress about this amazing atrocity of the Bush administration.

The ability of Democrats to issue subpoenas is one of the single most inprortant reasons The United States Congress must be taken by Democrats. Otherwise, the United States will continue to spiral into fascism at the hands of the insanity that is the Neo Conservative leadership of the Republican Party.

Here is an excerpt from Moazzam Begg, a second-generation British Muslim:

"How could American laws apply, in retrospect, to a British citizen, who had never travelled west of Dublin, for crimes that never existed in the first place? "

I used to think George Bush was a nut case...That may be, but it is Cheney that is the criminally insane person in all this. I give you his assessment of the situation in Iraq as the smoking gun:

If you look at the general overall situation, they’re doing remarkably well.

...Vice President Dick Cheney

The "general" overall view actually seems to disagree. Particularly when you actually ask the "Generals".

A slightly diferent view is held by dozens of Military Generals who had their careers ended as the cost of standing up for their Country while it was in the hands of the insane:

"The Iraq War the worst strategic mistake in the history of the United States."

...Lt. Gen. William Odom, Retired as a result of his opinion.

Molly Ivins:

"The dissenting retired generals are bent on making Iraq this nation's last strategically failed war -- that is, one doggedly waged by civilian officials largely to avoid personal accountability for their bad decisions. A failed war causes mounting human and other costs, damaging or entirely destroying the national interest it was supposed to serve."



Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Upstairs at Calhoun's

Harold Ford Jr. was late...just Fashionably so. No biggie to the few hundred folk gathered to see the Democrat's Senatorial campaign star.

I just chatted with new friends and watched the crowd. There was a man in overhauls with an orange Jr. sticker on his breast pocket standing beside a man in a very expensive suit with perfect gray hair. There was at least one ponytail (not me anymore) and several shaved domes. Every color of human seemed to be represented, including the obvious Natve American. The obvious Black Preacher was there too, complementing the fact that I was sitting with more than one White Preacher. It was a good crowd.

I watched Ford's advance crew scurry around energetically. Word from the inside is that he expects his people to work as hard as he does and they complain that he never runs out of energy. They were smiling from deep inside and looking folks right in the eye as they chatted and moved on. There was a sparkle to them. I chatted with Johannes, the local point man, about soccer and asked if he had time to play any. He's an ex-MLS professional and exudes an air of powerful fitness that only pros seem to have. "No way" he said, "Harold keeps us hopping. I'll call you in three weeks, maybe.

The election Starts tomorrow.

Early voting is the key. No one knows what will happen on election day in Tennessee. In our local County election in August, about 5000 people were unable to vote on election day. Considering that the winner of the County Mayor's race only got 4700 votes, that is a huge factor. Over half of his votes came from early voting.

Ford's closest people started showing up so we knew he was in the building. There he is and off we go. The introduction is a loser but Ford takes over and it's a show. His message was spot on for a room of such diversity that it even included Republicans. The best line of the evening was about the ads that will blanket the airwaves from now until Nov. 7...

"We don't know everything they are going to say in their attack ads but we do know one thing they aren't going to do...They are not going to talk about what a great job they've been doing since President Bush took office, Bless his Heart!"



Monday, October 16, 2006

Evil Tool

Few things amaze me more than the incredible meanness of Conservatives...Not even the incredible lengths these Right Wing creeps will go to in order to lie and mislead and justify the manifestations of their hatred. Consider this statement by the chief operations man for Dr. James Dobson, a thoroughly "Conservative Christian man" :

“When we elevate tolerance and diversity to the guidepost of public life,” he said on Fox News Channel, “this is what we get — men chasing 16-year-old boys around the halls of Congress.”

...Tony Perkins, The Family Research Council

We are to only tolerate our own kind of bigot, apparently. Somewhere in my reading of the New Testament I must have missed that part.

The Knoxville News Sentinel publishes Dobson's column on a regular basis wherein Dr. Doson gives out all sorts of helpful guidance for fundamentalists such as the exact type of stick to use in order to properly beat children. I assume things like that are the reason for the "Research" in the group's name. In addition to the proper diameter of corrective rods, perhaps they are also researching Kevlar chastity belts, now that modern composite technology has surpassed 14th century metallurgy.

Conservative Christians, an oxymoron if ever there was one, have been the tool of the Bush adminstration, operating as the slavering attack dog whenever moderation and tolerance rears its apparently evil head. "See what happens?" Dobson's lackey says. "When we promote tolerance, men quit chasing sixteen year old girls around the Halls of Congress, like they are supposed to."

The real problem with Nancy Pelosi is that she is a woman, apparently. Same with Hillary. Perkins and Dobson are calling for a purge of homosexuals from the Republican party...Women, Blacks, and Jews will be next.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

October Morning

Our eleven year old cat is out on the deck bowing up at monsters and dancing round attacking leaves like it was a kitten. It's 31 degrees outside, I've got my dead sheep slippers on and the second fire of the year is burning hot in the woodstove.


The hot tub is going to feel extremely nice.

Here in the Whites Creek gorge there is about 700 feet of elevation change visible on the hill across from the house. We can watch Fall color move from top to bottom as the vaious species of trees do their thing. So far this looks to be a promising year with dogwoods, sourwoods, and soft maples already starting the show. Interestingly, a Virginia creeper vine has the deepest wine red color so far.

There's a momma mantis hanging upside down in a nastutium plnant on the deck and she's all puffed up with her eggs. I've been watching her for a few days and she hasn't moved that I can tell. Soon she'll find a spot to deposit her eggs and she'll disappear. The egg casing will sit quietly for five months until warm weather returns and releases several hundred little green predators back into the world.

Eat... Survive...Reproduce...It's the meaning of life...And it is enough.



Friday, October 13, 2006

The Question

Did Poppy Bush bring in the Family Consigliori, James Baker, to save his son's rear end? Baker went public and immediately contradicted the W party line and shot down that "Stay the Course" recipe for disaster prolonged. This amuses me in a perverse way, since it was the Supreme Court effort masterminded by James Baker that put George Herbert Walker Bush's meanest and most arrogant child into the Presidency.

Of Course Fox News can only worry about homosexuals but the virtual rear ending of a few 16 year old boys, while repugnant and disgusting, is nothing compared to the other messes the Republcans have created under W. I think the bumper sticker says it best:

Name One Thing He's Done Right?


Molly has her take on this

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A big Damned Mess

The Bush war in Iraq will have such far reaching consequences for America and the world that it is difficult to guage just how great the historical significance will be. The nuclear weapons program in North Korea is a direct result of Bush incompetence driven by a flawed and childish ideology. Consider statements attributed to Kim Il Jong, of North Korea:

Hussein disarmed thinking that the United States would then leave him alone. When they came for him, he had nothing. The word of the United States is worthless.

The moment George W. Bush attacked Iraq, he guaranteed a war with North Korea. Not only that, but he guaranteed that the US would be unable to effectively fight this new war because of the Bush administration's massive incompetence in leadership (Had he listened to any of the Generals he fired, we would not be in this predicament)...And, by dropping out of the Clinton engagement with North Korea, he guaranteed that the war with North Korea would involve nuclear capability.

An odd spectacle that I would never have predicted, based on my obviously flawed estimate of his character, was the trotting out of John McCain to lie on George W. Bush's behalf. Nothing that ever goes wrong is Bush's fault...It is Bill Clinton's of course, and Hillary is the new incarnation of Satan. The Clinton policy was flawed but effective. The Bush policy is nonexistent.

Our only real hope may be for China to take out North Korea. Japan is on the verge of making one of those historical changes of course and amending their constitution to allow a military build up. I feel certain they can destroy North Korea but then what? A military Japan scares me, too.

Bottom line in all this bears thinking about.

Lost in the "All GAY, All the time" news coverage of the last few days is the announcement that Bush had lied about the number of civilian casualties in Iraq...Over 650,000. We have now caused the deaths of five times as many Iraqis as Saddam. Also lost were more resignations related to the Abramoff corruption and bribery scandal. In addition to incompetent, this republican administration is deeply corrupt, But that is only the disgusting part of their evil work. With our military bogged down in pointless destruction in the middle east fighting a nonexistant threat, it is unable to face the real one. The Administration of George W. Bush has set in motion events that can destroy, not only America, but the course of human events on this entire planet.

Bottom line is that George W. Bush is getting his ass kicked by the other blades on the windmill, too stupid to realize he fought the wrong war.

Here's an instructive Overview written in 2003




The Tennessee Senate race will be a squeaker. The National Republican party is now pouring millions into the state trying to hold on to power in the Senate. Bob Corker, he Republican Candidate is a classic Republican, having used his office of Mayor of Chattanooga to make more money during his term than he had in his entire life up to that point. He had a flirtation with the Immigration authorities when it was determined that his workers in a company he was involved with were illegals and were being paid below market wages, so his TV ads show him looking tall and marching tough in front of a fence at the Mexican border. Corker supports the 700 mile long ten foot high fence along a 2000 mile border, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if he hadn't started shipping 11 foot ladders to Mexico.

Corker is having a credibility gap in other areas also. The Iraq war is a most obvious flip flop:

"I think we do need to stay the course," Bob Corker, Sept. 13, 2005.

"And I think we should stay the course," Bob Corker, July 16 2006

"I have never said, 'stay the course' in Iraq," Bob Corker Oct. 7, 2006

Can you get away with this in Tennessee? I wouldn't bet against it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Unified Fiend Theory

It is interesting to watch polls and try to make sense of where things stand. I use to have trouble understanding why right wing evangelicals could hold on to their belief that Republicans were good for America. Then I came to the realization that the inability to examine what people tell them in a critical light is what made them right wing evangelicals in the first place.

Even so, the constant drumbeat of hypocrisy seems to be getting to them, even thought the massive drumbeat of exposed Republican corruption did not.

Via Kos:

..the Pew poll also "found that 57 percent of white evangelicals are inclined to vote for Republican congressional candidates in the midterm elections, a 21-point drop in support among this critical part of the GOP base."

...34% say they will be less likely to vote GOP and 9% say they are more likely to vote GOP.

So every sentient being in America must be asking themselves the same question,

"Who are these people?...The 9% who are more likely to vote for the Republicans?"

Are they crazy?...Oh wait...Never mind.

There seems to be one unifying theme with Republicans..."Use my power to get rich."

Denny Hastert not only covers for pedophiles who vote the way he tells them, he uses his leadership position to make the big bucks on his personal land deals.

George Allen is not only a racist...He used his position to get richer.

Senator Bill Frist is not only a right wing stooge, he used his power to reduce his family business's fine for insider trading by over half a Billion dollars...and did a little insider trading himself, by the way, using his power to stuff any investigation that ought to be going on.

And our local boy, Corker? Used his mayoral position to deep six a Chattanooga wetlands conservation easement so he could take a $4 million dollar profit. Not bad, Mr. Corker, but you ain't hit the big time yet. If there's anything I can do to hold you back, just let me know.

Always glad to help.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Yes, Miss Walton

Republican Rep. Frank Lasee of Wisconsin has the answer to gun violence in Schools...More guns!

The NRA answer to gun violence in schools is for every teacher and principal to pack heat.

These people are so stupid they think we're stupid, too. All they feed on is your fear. Statistically, the safest place for a child to be is in school. More guns simply mean more gun violence and that's all there is to it.

But let's think about this in another way. I remember being in the fourth grade at Wiley Elementary School in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and I was scared. I wasn't scared of that kid in the slow class, Richard, any more because those men came and took him to another school with really small windows. And kids quit getting sick after they put the new refrigerators in the cafeteria so we weren't afraid of the food anymore. But yes, we were all afraid anyway. We were afraid of Georgia Walton, Unmarried, closet smoking, closet something else we figured out 20 years later after a couple of us talked about the travel slides she would always show us of her and her "friend" traveling to Europe on a ship and taking pictures of the nude statues and that one where the little boy was peeing into the fountain in Rome. Mrs. Walton loved all her students nearly to death. We were all absolutely certain we would be killed any second by this woman who made a Marine Corp Drill Seargent look like a pussy. At some point during that year, every kid in the room would up in front of the class blubbering "Yes, Miss Walton, No, Miss Walton, I'm s-s-s-s sorry, Miss Walton" and wishing they were dead as they slunk back to their desk. Fear! The smell of elementary schools all across America. Fear and urine, though that goes without saying since the two scents are inseparable.

Now imagine Miss Walton standing up in front of the class...with a 357.



Friday Bird

We see the bumble bee moths fairly often but this was the only Hummingbird moth I've seen this year. Sorry for the lousy shot. It was fast and didn't like me watching.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Unrelated Stuff

Great Bill Moyers piece on PBS last night. I'm fairly sure Grover Norquist is the anti-christ. What they didn't do was give us the legislation we need to pass to get our government back to the people and out of the clutches of corporations, foreign governments, and people like Grover, DeLay, Abramoff, and Bush. Access to legislation should not be according to campaign contributions.

Sick people shooting innocent kids has become a trend. Watching the coverage I want them to say what disgusting people these killers are, unfit to have ever walked amongst humanity. I want their faces to be spit upon by history. I don't care what the world has done to you, exacting your retribution by hurting the innocent is a vile, vile, act. Taking it out on the innocent comes from the same source as blaming your actions on others. "I was molested by a priest so it's not my fault."


FACT: 98% of molested males and 99.6% of molested girls are victims of HETEROsexuals.

Since homosexuals are somehwere between 4 and 10 percent of all people that would mean that your child is 2 to 5 times safer with a homosexual than a heterosexual. I don't believe this holds true if they are wearing a beanie cap and a robe. Sorry for those offended.

Bob Woodward was spectacular on CNN last night, pointing out that Bush 1 is still lying. While it is nice to think about Hastert resigning, let's all remember that this eruption is obscuring the Republican failures in nearly everything we hold dear in America except for those in power getting filthy rich.

They've done a good job at that. This is why Bob Corker wants to be a Senator. He only managed to make millions while he was Chattanooga Mayor and has much higher aspirations...Frist made nearly a Billion for himself and his family as Senate leader. I don't know, Bob...That's setting the bar pretty danged high.

The education system in Iraq is collapsing.

"The Christian Coalition stands behind Hastert"...There's a headline for you!

Moonie church owned Washington Times newspaper says Hastert has to resign.

Hastert will resign. The only question is timing.

And finally, in the biggest instance of intitutional assholery I know of, the Tennessee Baptist Convention is suing Belmont University for $57 million because they have decided to allow non-Baptists to serve on their board. "There is no place in higher learning fro the impure" is the message from the Baptists. "There is no place in higher learning for those who would distort and hide the truth" says Belmont. Belmont University is in Nashville, TN and hosted the annual meeting of the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

We'll be watching.

Famous Republican male prostitute Jim Guckert,aka Jeff Gannon, who spent roughly 100 nights in the Whitehouse before being exposed, will be interviewed on Air America Radio today at 5:30 by Randi Rhodes. That's not her real name either, but I expect her to ask two questions:

Who were you servicing at the Whitehouse?

Who got on top?



Wednesday, October 04, 2006


From our "Ben Stein is a creep" department:

Ben Stein — "We have a Republican man in Congress who sent e-mails to teenage boys asking them what they were wearing, and an entire party, the Democrats, whose primary constituency, besides the teachers' unions, is homosexual men and lesbian women. I hope it won't come as a surprise to anyone that a big part of male homosexual behavior is interest in young boys."

Stein goes on to say his very best friend is gay. It is difficult to understand how that friend can remain Ben's friend, since Ben just called all Male Homosexuals "pedophiles". Any teacher in America that votes for a Republican must have self destructive tendencies.

Ben Stein rose to fame making fun of teachers in the movie "Ferris Beuller." He played a bad teacher and did a good job of it. Actually no one has ever had such a teacher but now Ben has created a stereotype that he still plays on today. He's a one trick pony of a character actor with no character, in effect, and illustrates how Conservatives think. This is to say, "They don't."

This is something I don't understand about modern day conservatives. Lots of them test well, though they tend to come up short in the critical thinking department. Spelling, history, football, they do well at those. Complex dimesional analysis and second order thinking?...not so much. Ben Stein has an amazing memory, except that it is very selective. He forgets, for instance, that our governance is supposed to be of, by, and for "The People" not of, for, and by "Corporations" in which he holds stock. And he holds a lot of it.

Ben would do well to think about the new republican cheers for the "New high of the Dow." After 6 years of nothing, the Dow has finally reached a new high. This would seem good to a conservative and they can be happy only if they don't think. Wall Street has effusively pushed stock market investing, claiming that stocks return 10% per year, while not mentioning that your broker gets his cut whether you made money or lost money on a stock transaction. Anyway, in order to be true to historical returns, the Dow would have to be just over 20,000 right now but it's a little over 8,000 points short. It's like a spoiled brat telling his Dad that he deserves a higher allowance because his report card was not as bad as it could have been.

An F plus is better than a plain old F... Right Dad?

And Ben would do well to think about his absurd characterization of the Democratic Party. No Democrat has said anything about Republican Congressman Foley's sexual persuasion that I am aware of. The criticism is of his predatory sexual behavior in the exact manner criminalized by laws he himself sponsored...And of the GOP cover up and protection of Foley by the Republican leadership in the House. Democrats are not condemning behavior between consenting adults...They are condemning the cover up of illegal predatory behavior directed at minors by the House Republican leadership.

By the way, the majority of pedophiles are heterosexual men... Mr. Stein would do well to remember that.



Monday, October 02, 2006

Yo Momma and the Ford Poll

Harold Ford Jr. has the newest poll showing he's ahead by a nose. Well that's good but there's millions left to be spent and how do you notch those last few percent that nail the coffin shut for your opponent? I think the answer is right here in Ford's poll:

QUESTION: Of the following issues, which one do you feel will be most influential in your voting decision in the November election for national offices, such as the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House:

21% The war in Iraq
16% The economy
12% Homeland Security and the War on Terror
9% Immigration
8% Moral issues & family values
7% Health care
7% Taxes and government spending
5% Gas prices & energy issues
6% Social Security
2% Education
7% Other/Not Sure


Of all those issues there's an argument to be made except for two of them.

Republcans would go down in flames with the Iraq war going so well, if it weren't for their Fox news friends covering up for them by confusing the issue so badly that the average American can't tell what's going on.

Social Security is a different issue all together. Grover Norquist wants it dead. He's the Bush economic advisor who has his own struggles right now with the Jack Abramoff scandal hitting the fan. Saint William Moyers has a three part documentary that will hit PBS this Wednesday that will lay out in stark detail the sordid relationships between Abramoff, Norquist, Tom DeLay, Ralph Reed and others. With Republicans openly claiming that they will kill Social Security if they retain control of the Senate...Why isn't Social Security a slam dunk issue?

Health Care is huge but the solution is murky. Folks don't understand the single payer system and can't be educated in a sound bite. Social Security? Republicans will kill it and your Momma, and her new boyfriend, will have to move in with you. That's pretty simple.

Even Bob Corker doesn't want his Momma moving in with him.



Timing is Everything

Hmmm...Matt Lauer, today show host and George Bush suck up, seems to be having a hard time interviewing Bob Woodward, former respected journalist who wrote two suck up books about George Bush and now has to come to grips with the realization that he was had by Karl Rove. Lauer seems a bit shrill in his not so veiled attacks on Woodward. He's nervous and it shows.

"Does this mean I won't be able to go golfing with the President anymore?" Lauer is thinking.

"How can you claim the President is lying?" Says Matt.

"Well here's the CIA report he recieved on Monday saying the Iraq war is like a Friday night football game and we're down 65 to zip...And here's the President on Monday morning saying 'We won!'...I could go on" says Woodward.

"Well aren't you being disingenuous bringing this up just before the elections?" Says Matt.

"Yes I am," Says Woodward, "Particularly after those first two books I wrote about him being a good president while I was sucking up so bad I couldn't breathe...but now the scumbag deserves it. George has screwed up my country so bad that even a disingenuous hack like me has had an attack of conscience...What about you?" says formerly respected investigative reporter while looking Matt Lauer in the eye...

"Ummm...Well thank you for being here, Bob. It's always a pleasure," says Matt Lauer. Turning to camera B...

"We'll be back after these words with some clips from a video tape of the 9-11 hijackers we've had for five years but Karl is just releasing now so you people will be afraid of terror and won't notice the foundations of your country falling down around your ears."

"Later, we'll visit President Bush on the golf course. How does the leader of the free world relax while the foundations of your country fall down around your ears? We find out right after this...."