Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whites Creek Palooza

Yesterday was the second annual play slash biological survey day in Whites Creek Gorge.

I lifted these images from Conservation Fisheries biologist Pat Rakes' camera. We had good water clarity but the big gar wouldn't hold still for their portrait. They constantly cruised around us like a swarm of attack subs with big teeth. This one is about three feet long but there were some that were much larger. I'll post more as I get time but for now, see how many of these you can identify..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raising Money for the Fishes

A fine tasting!

Sorry you guys missed it. What a Hoot!
The Hackensaw Boys don't need to be plugged in to rock the house!

The Shady Grove Meadery was kept hopping as we tried to drink Mead like Vikings.

Cigna Exec: "Everything in Sicko is true!"

Read this next sentence, think about what it says and read it again, because it states in plain language what is wrong with America on so many levels:

"A Cigna executive says everything about Canada and England that was reported in Michael Moore's Sicko was true and that they made a costly and concerted effort to derail the message of the movie."

Now go watch this Bill Moyers interview on PBS...