Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whites Creek Palooza

Yesterday was the second annual play slash biological survey day in Whites Creek Gorge.

I lifted these images from Conservation Fisheries biologist Pat Rakes' camera. We had good water clarity but the big gar wouldn't hold still for their portrait. They constantly cruised around us like a swarm of attack subs with big teeth. This one is about three feet long but there were some that were much larger. I'll post more as I get time but for now, see how many of these you can identify..


  1. There is a still backwater area on the Harpeth that's not too far from the Cumberland in a little area about an acre in size. It's reachable only through a tiny passage slightly wider than a canoe and it also has some monster gar in it. Some were easily 2 1/2 feet long or longer.

  2. That's the first gar I've ever seen! So much for this salt water human and (sorry) fish eater who lived along the Mediterranean for a couple of decades before it got really opaque with industrial crud. And who could write a short, exciting essay on jellyfish and their stings.

    The guy at the bottom looks like a sun perch (tiny) in my cattle tank here in TX and which, if it were hanging out in the Mediterranean, would be bream.

    There. Having hazarded a guess but worried about looking like a damfool, I googled Smoky Mountains + sunperch and finally came up with even the Latin name. Cute ears!