Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A Prize at Water's edge

Just talked to the Sheriff.

Very interesting.

Some of you folks will know that we have several mysteries hanging in the air waiting for some kind of resolution. Did they harvest the "garden" that my son found while turkey hunting last May? What ever happened to the girl whose purse we found? There was no workable scenario that we could come up with that explained all the details of that one. If you don't remember all the juice, you can go to www.whitescreek.blogspot.com archives and check for a refresher on the details. Here's the short version.

The girl is fine.

She was hanging out with friends, I read that to mean camping out and partying for the weekend, when they got a lot of rain and the creek rose, washing away her purse and its contents. Must have been partying really really hard for that to happen. I can only imagine....

We found it on the creek bank, looking like it had spent some time in the water and mud. but the contents had been emptied out on the bank. There were sunscreen, sunglasses, money, a cell phone, and a small pipe and a film canister of a suspicious oregano like vegetable substance, and her driver's license. A beach towel was lying beside the purse and we found her car keys sticking out of the sand under water in the edge of the creek. What is unsolved is how the contents got scattered out on the bank but the money and pot was not taken, which would most suredly be the case is a person had found it. One other thing we found up in the woods away from the purse when Officer David and I searched the woods originally...candy wrappers and an empty chip bag. We didn't pick up on what that meant at the time. I had all sorts of scenarios where the purse was stolen and the perp was interrupted before they could make off with the money, being scared by someone else going down to the creek to swim or whatever.

Just so you'll know, raccoons are genetically endowed with the knowledge of how coolers open, as well as zippers, and that candy bars and other goodies live inside purses.

A prize at water's edge for the lucky beast.

Officer David says that, other than a talking to, nothing will come of the pot. They have to catch the perpetrator with it in possession...could have been placed there by a felonious raccoon, after all, in a clever attempt to frame this innocent young girl.

Then we have the real reason the Sheriff called...They have made a new home for one of my neighbors from up on the Mountain. Bill, as we'll call him, looks to be the next horticulturalist at one of our fine institutions of correction here in Tennessee. He is very very good at growing things, according to the Sheriff. If you remember the "garden" my youngest son found, it was quite orderly and looked to be the work of a very concientious gardener. Turns out, Bill had several gardens. Not only that but he had them well documented in his books that he kept at home. They found Bill's home by following the well worn path from our original garden back through the woods, connecting several other gardens to Bill's nice little cabin.

At last count the authorities had harvested well over 2500 of Bill's well cared for high quality Marijuana plants. As with any good horticulturalist, Bill kept good records, with every garden having a name, of the variety of its plants, their watering and feeding schedule, growth measurements and history. I am impressed!

Doesn't it make you wonder that, if Bill could be that diligent and hard working, why couldn't he just work a regular job? With his work ethic he surely would have risen to the top. As it is, I predict he'll be promoted to trustee in no time at all.

You go, Bill!



ps: There's actually more to this story but you'll have to wait. I can't tell you all I know just yet. We'll see.

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