Thursday, September 15, 2005

Omen from above

Written in the bible, People!

I am surprised at some things and then when they happen again...I'm surprised all over again.

No, I'm not talking about Pat Robertson, Charles Colson, Hal Lindsay, and other FundXian goofball preachers claiming that Katrina was sent as punishment for America allowing Homosexuality and abortions. I'm talking about anyone biting off any of that crap chewing it up and swallowing.

Robertson is the "Man of God" who said we should assassinate the President of Venezuela because he's a dictator, and at the very same time Robertson is partners with Charles Taylor, a dictator who is providing slaves for Robertson's African diamond mines.

I suppose it is beside the point that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, was actually elected democratically and has over 70% support from his countrymen. his real crime is that he won't do business with the Bush family friend's oil cartel in the U.S.

Personally, I try to buy gas at Citgo now. All their oil comes from Venezuela...none from Iraq or Saudi Arabia.

Actually I think there is a message in the Katrina disaster, and it does have to do with the behavior of America. it is an old message, said many ways over the years but it is phrased well this way:

"It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature!"

Pat Robertson is all atwitter over the violations of old testament sex no-no's but doesn't the Bible say not to build houses on sand? Danged if it don't!!

Folks, I'm here to tell you today, We are being punished by god, for screwing up all the nice ocean front property!

Even jesus, who never said squat abut homosexuality, said not to build houses on sand.

So there! George Bush will offend Jesus if he rebuilds Trent Lott's house!

Written in the bible, people, Danged sure is! Leviticus, Numbers, Mathew, all over the place, I'm telling you. Where are our ministers in this time of crisis in America? Why aren't they standing on the front porch of their own houses preaching to the great unwashed masses about the evils of beachfront housing? Pat could actually stand on the deck of his own beach house and warn America. he could tear it down and walk away as a testament, to us all, of what a godly man he claims to be.

Pat actually said that the good thing about katrina is that it will make Democrats leave him alone for a while.

Personally, I will be more offended if Trent gets his house built with the help of any of my tax money. That is a greater sin.



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  1. What about murder? I don't think Jesus liked murder too much either and look at all the innocent civilians that hhave been murdered in Afganistan and Iraq all in the name of fighting terrorism.

    Or ignorance? Or stupidity? I should be glad that Jesus doesn't speak out against those because we would surely parish for all the stupid ignorants out there.

    Well, we may all die from punishhment anyway because the way the stupid ignorants are treating the globe and offending God by distorting true Christian beliefs.

    We're doomed.