Thursday, December 21, 2006

America isn't losing the war

"...A lot of Americans understand the consequences of defeat. Retreat would embolden radicals. It would hurt the credibility of the United States."

So here's my question...Doesn't it hurt the credibility of America even more for us to be stupid?

And anyway, George W. Bush is losing the war in Iraq...Not America!

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  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    You're right, sort of.

    America is not "losing" the war, we LOST the war.
    We lost the day the evidence against Iraq was fabricated by BushCo and their associates. We lost the day we attacked an innocent people, and we lost by sending our people to die in a lie.

    The soldiers have done their best but we can't win when we're in the wrong, even if we do out-kill the enemy and rebuild a house or a hospital. Soldiers do not win or lose wars, policy makers do. And ours have failed both strategically and morally.

    "consequences of defeat"?
    We'd do well to remember what this tastes like. Especially those who were stupid and/or greedy enough to vote these Republican idiots into office.

    Now if someone is enough in denial to refuse to realize the truth, then we can always say "we killed more of them and therefore we win".
    If that satisfies their ego.