Monday, January 29, 2007

Why Al Gore Should Run

Why Al Gore Should Run


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    The Democratic Party is complex as we all know. We have a Left Wing, a Center, Right Leaning Center, Left Leaning Center, a Right Wing and a lot of very confused people who bounce back and forth between them all.
    As a Party we have to have a candidate that affords us all enough common ground to stand on. Someone we can all agree will be good for the Party and of course the nation and world.

    Hillary Clinton and virtually anyone from the DLC divide the Party. They appeal to the Dem Right and Right-Center, but the Left-Leaning and the true Left will never vote for any of them.

    Dennis Kucinich is the champion of the Left and those close to us, but the Center to Right will never be smart enough or courageous enough to vote for him.

    Chris Dodd? Too Conservative. Obama? Good man, but get real.

    Al Gore can unite the Party. He is also the only sure-fire win we have. John Edwards can unite most of the Party and has a good chance of beating McCain, at least better than any other Democrat in the race so far.

    Gore has said he won't run. This is one time I hope a politician is lying to me.

    If we don't unite behind a candidate that can actually win, and drop these Hillary/Obama pipe dreams, we will lose in '08.

  2. Iraq will be the deciding factor among the Democratic candidates in 2008, and Hillary was flat wrong on the subject. More and more it looks like it will be Al Gore's election to lose, please see