Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama Won...Can Hillary steal it?

Several folks besides me have done the math and it's over if actual voting American Democrats are to decide the Democratic nominee for President.

The People have chosen Barack Obama.

Hillary's contention is that she has won the big states so she should replace Obama as the Party's choice. This flies in the face of Howard Dean's 50 state strategy, which is exactly what has placed Obama well out front. There is essentially no conceivable way that Hillary can either win the popular vote or the delegate vote unless she chooses to NOT obey the rules.

Currently, Obama has the majority of Pledged delegates, the majority of the popular votes, 13,400,000 to 12,700,000, and has won 28 states compared to Hillary's 14. Only 28% of Democrats believe Clinton would have a legitimate claim to the nomination if it were stolen for her by the Superdelegates.

In fact, Clinton lost the big state Texas and would lose California by a large margin if a revote were held today. The only states that Clinton has a legitimate claim on are Ohio and Pennsylvania, except that neither Clinton nor Obama lead John McCain in those states, and Obama polls better than Clinton against McCain in both.

Hillary wants to change the rules for Florida and Michigan, even though she agreed not to. She wants to represent us, but isn't listening to what the voters have already said.

Clinton is now running one of the most divisive campaigns in Democratic history...against the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. She has gotten rich serving as a Senator and refuses to release her tax returns. She's made false charges against Obama claiming he contacted the Canadian Government regarding his NAFTA campaign position , when in fact and according to the Canadian government, it was the Clinton campaign that committed this egregious act of lying to voters.

Now Hillary Clinton is a capable and worthy candidate...But as of this date in time, she has lost the nomination using the very tactics I deplore and despise that are the stock in trade of Karl Rove. She's used her surrogates to attack Obama on race, ethics, campaign donations, and other things that she herself is guilty of. First he's accused of being a Muslim and then he attacked for not disassociating himself with a minister who's body of life work has been 99.9% positive and .01% stupid.

America must be transformed and Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with the very people who would keep that from happening should she manage to steal the nomination from the people's choice. Thoughtful people are being driven away from the Clinton campaign and that is an American tragedy.

Barack Obama must be the next President of the United States.



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  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    It's no secret that I consider the Clintons to be almost as dirty as the Bush bunch.
    So my answer is yes, she sure can steal it. It all depends on the Supers, their individual integrity, and how much money she has to bribe them with.

    I would love nothing more than to have something good to say about Hillary, and if she does the right thing for the party and the nation and steps down I will finally have it.
    The audacity and arrogance it displays by remaining in the race at this point only serves to further dampen my opinion of her.
    The party is bitterly divided, she knows it, and she won't take the steps to heal the rift she created.

    She's putting herself before her constituency. That's par for the Clinton course and a primary reason I will not support her.

    Barack Obama is nowhere near good enough in my book but he's all we have. John Edwards should have been the nominee. But Obama will have at least an outside chance of beating McCockroach whereas Hillary would be trounced by McCain in the general. Though be prepared to weather the "we would have won if Hillary was the nominee!" chorus should McCain win. :D

    As a party, we made a major error in passing up John Edwards and that mistake will come back to haunt us sooner or later. Probably sooner.

    Hillary should bow out now and let us get down to the business of wiping our collective ass with John McBush. Time's a wastin'.