Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday...In the Park

The Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee meets on Saturday to decide what to do with the delegations from Michigan and Florida.

The Cliff Notes:

1. Last year the DNC passed rules that said that no state could hold its primary earlier that a certain date.

2. All of the Democratic Presidential candidates signed a pledge NOT to PARTICIPATE in any state that violated the rules.

3.The rules said rule breakers would receive a punishment of from a minimum of losing half their delegates up to a maximum of losing them all.

4. Florida and Michigan moved their primaries earlier than that date. Harold Ickes and several other Clinton campaign members vote FOR stripping Florida and Michigan of ALL their delegates if they went through with it. An Obama representative voted AGAINST.

5. All the candidates took their names off the ballot in Michigan except for Hillary Clinton and Dennis (I'll take my name off at the same time Hillary does because I don't trust her) Kucinich.

6. Candidates were not allowed to take their names off the ballot in Florida. Hillary campaigned specifically in Florida. Everybody else followed the rules.

7. Hillary Clinton is now losing under the rules that her campaign was instrumental in writing and passing and neither Hillary nor Bill are happy with the situation.

8. The Clinton campaign continues to repeat the outright lie that she is winning the popular vote.
9. Obama is winning the popular vote according to the rules.

10. Obama is winning the delegate count according to the rules.

11. Obama is winning the delegate count even by Hillary's new Calvin Ball rules, which apparently say she can change the rules anytime she wants to.

12. This is all way too obvious so why are we even talking about it?

13. The Democratic National Committee attorneys have sent out a memo listing the legal options the rules committee must choose from among when they decide the fate of the delegates from Michigan and Florida.

14. The legal options do not include seating the full delegations, or any other option that would move Clinton out of second place.

15. The choice is essentially between rewarding two states and a presidential campaign that broke the rules...Or standing by the 50 plus States and Territories and a Presidential Campaign that played by the rules.

16. The Clintons are organizing protests at the DNC rules committee meeting this Saturday.

17. The Obama campaign has told his supporters to be very nice to everybody, no matter what.

18. Barack Obama is the Democratic Presidential Nominee, and has been for some time.

19. I will forgive Hillary Clinton for what she has done if she campaigns strongly to guarantee Obama is elected and works to support his Administration...But I will NOT forget what she has done.

20. They all lived happily ever after, except for some periods of bitterness in the upper rooms of the dark King's castle.



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  1. How dare you compare Hillary Clinton to Calvin!?