Thursday, January 01, 2009

Environmental Justice to All in 2009

We got screwed this year.

Been happening for a long while...We're just now finding out how much and how bad.

So far there has been little discussion of the TVA ash spill on conservative TN blogs. They must be freaked right now. This disaster is absolutely the result of the "rah rah for coal", "burn baby burn", "drill baby drill", lack of ethic promoted by conservatives in their never ending quest for lobbyist dollars.

Right now, Tennessee Republicans are cowering in back rooms wallowing in a mix of fear and ectasy.

On one hand they have to be thinking this is a chance to squeeze Big Coal lobbbyists for a ton of money. Coal energy is looking like really nasty stuff right now. Not only are Republicans backing plans to level the Appalachian mountains and dump the nasty leftovers into the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River, but all the world has to look at the TVA disaster and think about that "Free Market" bull crap and what the constant Republican quest to eliminate environmental oversight. Republicans are telling Coal lobbyists that it's gonna take a lot more money for the GOP to keep on taking the "Clean Coal" message out to the public.

On the other hand, this is the perfect opportunity for Progressive Democrats to hang a sign around the neck of Tennessee's GOP that says, "Republican = Murderer". The weakening, in the name of deregulation, of laws that require businesses to operate in such a manner as to not kill people can be laid directly at the feet of the Republican Party.

Republicans have built the current rabid conservative iteration of their once noble party on their absolute conviction that Tennessee voters are stupid. It absolutely worked in the last election.
Can the GOP message that a clean environment is bad and clean coal good?

Public schools are bad and vouchers for rich people to send their kids to private schools are good?

Fair markets are bad and free markets are good?

The environmental callamity that has befallen Roane County, Tennessee can be laid squarely in the laps of Conservative Republicans, who have eviscerated just environmental law, and the weakling who call themselves Conservative Democrats what stood by and watched them do it.

At this very moment, Tennessee Republicans are being told to shut up, say nothing about the environmental aspect of Roane County's disaster. The message is boiled down to "Yes, but...We need Coal!"

Well no we don't...Air and water that won't make you sick would be really nice though.

Where are our Democrats that can spread the message that We aren't going to get a healthy environment as long as Tennessee voters continue to live up to Republican's expectations of how stupid they are?

Coal is killing us...Republicans (and conservative Democrats) are helping.

Now we get to play the "HOW STUPID ARE THEY?" game as we watch to see if TN voters make the connection that Conservatives have superior marketing "Be afraid, very very afraid, of the scary black guy, (while we kill you slowly for money)".

Superior marketing...But no Product!

Now is the moment for Progressive Democrats to step up and shout loud in the New Year.

Peace on Earth, Good will and Justice to All in 2009!

Might as well start right here in Roane County Tennessee.