Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If it's Tuesday, there must be Eagles

I'm so sorry you guys couldn't have been with us today. 

We had a work day putting up signs and fence posts but we took some time to explore the yard, which through an amazing set of circumstances goes from the top of Walden Ridge to the middle of Whites Creek. We took lunch at the overlook and kept getting buzzed by these two birds who were flying stupendous aerial stunts in tandem at eye level to our perch. They were two immature bald eagles, one of which is just starting to get his color. I apologize in advance for only having a little hiking camera with me.  I thought about posting one of the closer shots but this one tells a better story of what it's like to be a teenaged eagle playing with a friend.

I was wrong when I identified the violet as a trout lily...This is a trout lily....

This is Bloodroot. A prize for all spring wildflower hunters.

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