Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"The Oceans are cooling", Other lies and Why they tell them

With great sanctimony and firm chinned voice, George Will spoke out on national TV and stated that climate change was a lie because the oceans were in fact cooling down, not warming up.  This was a plain and simple lie. Mr. Will is either deluding himself with the starkly fearful need for climate change to be "not happening" because his entire career is bassed on such fear and self delusion, or he is a liar. 

Some facts are in order...The oceans are really big and it is tough to put together enough accurate measurements to get and average temperature tracked over a long period of time. Some spots in the oceans are in fact cooling down, mostly due to the melting of large bodies of ice and the massive runoff currents flowing from the Arctic and Antarctic ice packs and others. The concensus of scientists is that the oceans are warming up with tragic velocity.

Other symptoms are even more stark in their obviousness...

Glacier National Park is currently predicted to be glacier free within the next decade or so. Want to see a glacier? Go quickly or they'll be gone.

The Arctic Ocean will soon be ice free. Oddly, rather than realizing that this will mean staggering changes in life all over the world, flooding millions out of their homes and causing entire coastal nations to disappear, and taking drastic steps to reverse the trend, conservatives are looking for ways to make money from it. 

Yep...Some people will benefit from worldwide disaster. Everyone else will lose and lose big. 

In the world of what passes for a modern conservative like George Will, that's all that counts. 

"I will make money," say people like George, "Therfore it is good for me to lie to you."



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  1. Mr. Will should stick to baseball prognosticating. Whether the oceans are heating or cooling may be a moot point. The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt that life in our oceans depend on, relies on temperature differential in order to function. Climate Change is putting the system in jeopardy.