Monday, September 07, 2009

The Speech that Un-patriotic Un-American Creeps Don't Want Your Child to Hear

This whole "Be afraid of our President" thing disgusts me.

I'm disgusted, not because of the garbage that these right wing Republican creeps just make up (I expect as much), but because the American Media has completely failed us in the process and not only letting them get away with the lies but by carrying and amplifying their idiotic claims. This is an attack on public schools. This is an attack on America! This is a failure of the constitutional role that the Press is supposed to fulfill in our democracy. I'm tired of it.

Rather than point out the inaccuracies and absurdities and laugh at this idiocy, the Press allowed themselves to be played by right wingers, and used as a megaphone for outrageous claims. "The President is going to brainwash students with his speech." "The President should not be allowed to preach socialism to school children." Well thank you, American Media, for your contribution to freedom. "

The real reason they are so afraid of President Obama's speech is that if their children actually listen to Obama they may realize that he is an intelligent, rational, thoughtful, coherent, voice telling them to work hard, study hard, stay in school, and that there are no excuses for failure.

A dangerous message, that!



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