Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Conservative Bible Project to Cut Liberal Passages...Bye Bye, New Testament

Jesus' life was spent improving the welfare of the poor and oppressed. He was against the death penalty. He provided free medical care for the poor. He was a pacifist. He associated with drunks and social outcasts to help them become better people. He forgave adulterers and prostitutes (but not so much the johns). He liberated women. He gave free food to thousands. He worked on the Sabbath. He railed against the money changers and usury and demanded that rich people give their money away for the common good, saying it would be impossible for them to get into Heaven in one piece otherwise.

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  1. Fundamentalist Conservatives remaking Jesus in their own image? Makes perfect sense to me. Other than altering or tossing out eighty percent of new testament scripture, particularly the red letter text, what choice do they have? Actually, it's kind of surprising it has taken their movement this long.