Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pedestal Rock

We've been working on our trails around the gorge. We cleared the route from the waterfall on Ford Branch up to what we call "Pedestal Rock". This is from the west side as the trail approaches it.

This is looking back at it from the east. The pedestal holds up a massive rock that has cracked away from the sandstone cliff. I tell myself not to walk under it every time I go there but I always do.

This is standing under the tabletop looking up at the crack. It's a massive chunk of sandstone supported by a crumbling pillar of a sedimentary pile of rocks that looks like it could go at any time.

The micro habitat on the rock faces support an interesting group of plants that I don't see other places. The cliff just above this is the last pitch to the Plateau and has a wonderful colony round leaf catch fly, a carnivorous plant related to Fire Pink.  

This is an old shot of the pedestal and the cliff above it taken from the far ridge.


  1. Do you know how long this "Pedestal Rock" has been like this? Any history on it?

  2. Lovely and more so because if its destiny.

  3. Love the shots man! Great looking place. I have no idea where this is, but would like to go one day.

  4. Pedestal Rock is part of our Whites Creek Trail system. Let me know when you want to hike around.

  5. Got surgery tomorrow, so it will be a while. Thanks though.