Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eating Out of the Yard

The beef is from our neighbor's grass fed pasture and is as close to organic as you can get without paying for the certification. Lot's of farmers can't go that far but raise great tasting beef that isn't blasted with hormones and antibiotics on a routine basis. I admit that the lettuce is store bought but the tomatoes, okra, and other veggies grow right outside in our yard. We buy olive oil and Parmesan cheese, black pepper and salt.

Good Eatin'!

And if yo Momma didn't feed you fried green tomatoes about this time every Summer, she didn't raise you right.

I know you wish you were here having supper with us. Yeah you do!


  1. No, but my wife sure does!

  2. Anonymous3:41 AM

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  3. After much cooking and consideration, I have discovered that Southern and Mexican food tastes better when served on Fiesta ware. And for optimum taste, no piece of your Fiesta ware should match any other piece in your place setting. I do not know why that is, but it is.


  4. Hmm..You noticed the plates don't match didn't you? I swear we have matching plates...somehwere...

    And hey, you got a green chile recipe you want to share? Turns out they grow really well here and roasting them with a little parmesan is good but.