Thursday, December 09, 2010

At the Feeders

The Magic Log is bringing in the usual suspects and a couple of favorites that didn't come by last year. Once again the red breasted nuthatches are hanging around. I'll work on getting a better shot but these guys are odd in that they will take off if they see movement within the house but will land a few feet away if you are replenishing the empty feeder. 
We have a very shy brown creeper and the odd mystery warbler I'll try to get pictures of as well. Over at the sunflower seeds the doves work very hard to get through the spikes that are intended to keep them out so that the smaller birds can feed. I keep thinking about the dove and rice dishes we used to have as a child.

Purple finch

Titmouse flashing his crest.

And I need some help with this little guy. Who is up on their winter warblers? Is it a Kinglet?


  1. I have been taking lots of photos at my feeders and will post a few on my 'other' blog in the weeks to come. I have smoe nice shots of bluebirds which are new to us this year. I love the finch, are these purple or red?

  2. The giveaway mark for purple finches is the bar through the eye. It's really strong on the females but still easily visible on the males through their color. We have house finches in Roane County, TN but not in Whites Creek gorge. They seem to like more open and transitional places.

  3. I started the Cornell Feeder Watch data collection and I am hoping I do not screw the data up too much!