Saturday, January 15, 2011

Through the Window in the Snow

I took these through a double pane window. Until it warms up a bit, that's probably what will happen so I apologize for the depth of field and clarity in advance. If that's a problem to be it. Cornell has some nice pictures.

Actually, I've been taking pix of the brand spanking new granddaughter and birds, not so much right now.

Purple finch et al...

Pine siskins...


  1. Taking through a double paned window is hard...but I also shelter inside during the winter. The bottom photo looks like our goldfinch, though. I love that lump of snow on top and have been getting the weather!

  2. I don't know if you can tell from that shot but siskins have stripes on their under parts to go along with the yellow stripe on the wing and side. Winterized goldfinches don't have either of those and have a more striking black and white wing pattern. The siskins and goldfinches flock together at times and there is one shot here that shows them all together on this feeder along with a pine warbler.

    It's not quite time to put the hummingbird feeders up but it did get above freezing today.