Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday and Last Night

A rare treat is to see a cucumber tree blossom close up. This tree has lain down next to one of our trails but has still been blooming nicely for a number of years now. The blossoms are very large and fragrant. 

Goats Beard

Partridge berries are often noted for the big red fruit but the twin flowers are worth getting down to see.

As I was editing photos this night visitor flew up to look in on me.


  1. Cucumber tree? New one on me and I am now adding it to my list of things to see!! Great shots.

  2. A better name for it is a cucumber magnolia, since it is in the magnolia family. This is not a large leaf cucumber which has leaves that are almost three feet long. These are just under two feet in length. It's a spectacular tree in bloom and common in lowlands and wetter hillsides in the Southeast.