Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zebra Mussels in Cherokee Lake...This is more than NOT Good

They are about the size of an adult male’s thumbnail, and their shells remind one of the letter “D”, with its alternating light- and dark-colored stripes earning the small mollusk the name Zebra Mussel.
Most folks have probably never seen one, or even if they have, would never think that such a tiny creature is a threat, but officials with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency are not only familiar with the critter, they’re downright worried about the potential damage Zebras can do to the state’s rivers and lakes.
Discovered some time ago in Norris Lake, the Zebra Mussel has now been positively identified in Cherokee Lake


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  1. Sad news as this invasive moves more. It is my understanding that they grew quite large in the great lakes and evolved to a bigger species which attached itself to boats heading back to Europe! What goes around comes around.