Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bobcat in the Garden Last Night

We wondered what had the dogs so upset last night. From looking at the tracks it took them a while to realize there was a bobcat walking around in the freshly planted garden beds. It is not a large one but this is the beginning of the breeding season and they get that wanderlust. Sometime in mid April to mid May we are not surprised to hear them scream. Not surprised when the hair on the neck stands at attention and chills run down the spine, either. We see tracks a lot more than we hear them and we hear them a lot more than we see them, except on the game and security cameras. I love knowing they are out there. The tracks are between the house and the garage.


  1. I remember one year when I was about 10 I came upon one sitting in the broken top of a tree...only a few feet above me. I was fascinated and did not realize how dangerous he/she might have been as they sat up there hissing at me for several minutes. I finally went on my way and when I brought my dad back, the bob cat was gone, of course.

  2. That situation is one I have never experienced but have been told about several times. It is usually a female with cubs. The males are long gone before you ever see them. She moved the cubs as soon as you gave her space to do so.