Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sediment Problems at Whites Creek

We had just over one inch of rain last night here at our end of the creek. This is what the water quality looked like at 10:50 am today.Not a sign of a sediment problem.

6 and a half hours later the water from Piney Creek reached us. This is what it looks like as of a few minutes ago...
I don't begrudge what you do on your land as long as you realize you are part of the larger system and act accordingly. I don't mind you mining rock from your land, but you have no right to send your mud downstream on everybody else. Not only that, it is against the law.


  1. I have seen this in rivers in Colorado and rivers in Maryland. IT is a national problem!

  2. We're learning that even over here in nice, controlled, regulated and policed suburbia that neighbors can be real buttheads and flaunt zoning and other ordinances and actually harm you or at least piss you off with impunity. What's wrong with people? What's so hard about being a good neighbor and doing the right thing?

  3. Under Bob Martineau TDEC has only processed half the water quality violations of the previous administrations. That's what we get when our Governor appoints a polluter's attorney as TDEC Commissioner. I call for Martineau's resignation. He's as dirty as it gets.