Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Roaming the Properties with the Neighbor

Don owns the land next to ours. It is a beautiful and important tract in the scheme of things. He wants it protected from the march of development and has been a good ally in protecting the Whites Creek watershed. We rode up one of the old roads to look for one of Don's corner markers. He thought it was a concrete marker. We bushwhacked around for a half hour and were about to give up. I decided to try one more area and there it was. It wasn;t concrete. It is a cut stone marker with the initials C S carved in it. That stands for Cincinnati Southern Railway. In order to entice railroads into Tennessee they were awarded large land grants and this is one of them. Don's father got the land in about 1945 and Don bought it from his father 30 or so years later. Don is an energetic fellow and gives me hope. He turned 88 this week.


  1. Impressive! I would try to get a GPS location of that marker if at all possible.

  2. So I hope he can sell his land in the future to another conservationist.