Monday, August 22, 2005

For what Noble Cause?

I sometimes am awed by the mindless drivel that the right wing seems to incessantly spout. It seems like they have these drivel factories that toss obvious inaccuracies up in the air so they can be seized by the drooling dogs, to be regurgitated over and over again until the next piece of vileness comes along and takes its place.

Cindy Sheehan and her fallen warrior son are the big blip on their radar right now. Failing to have a single solitary actual thought, the Cons are incessantly repeating variations on the theme that this Mother has no right to question her son's death because he was an adult and made his own decision to enlist.

Uhh...I don't get it.

No not that the Cons would say that, they'll say anything...and facts certainly don't get in their way. I mean the Facts have a Liberal bias, after all, and can't be trusted.

No...I mean I don't get why anyone would even listen to a conservative, much less believe one!

The littany of outright fabrications spewing from the Neo-Con lie factories is amazing. One would think they have a huge supply of energy and industirousness until one examines what they say...Using my immense powers of analysis, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one, possibly two, conservative fantasy writers who actually come up with this stuff. The rest of them simply regurgitate it after only partially swallowing.( I mean, no one could actually swallow, right?)

If you read some of them you will notice that all conservatives use each other as sources and never seem to do any original thinking. Like frogs in a swamp, each trying to outcroak the one next to him and it all comes out sounding like endless swamp gas being set afire and stinking up the place.

All of this is simply noise upon noise...lie upon try to distract us from the question that Cindy Sheehan wants George Bush to answer.

"For what noble cause did my son die?"

Bush personally kissed Cindy on the cheek and told her to be proud of her son...that he:

"Died for a noble cause!"... Bush said that.

"What was this "Noble Cause" Mr. President?... Cindy said that.

Everything you hear from the right wing is an attempt to distract you from that question. I will rephrase it for you:

"What the hell are we doing in Iraq?"

George...You're killing us!



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